Lakitu’s Physics in Super Mario Bros Were Broken For Years?

It’s certainly been an interesting time for NES fans, hasn’t it? First we had that finding that a certain guy in the Punch Out crowd ducked on the frame where Little Mac should counter Piston Honda. And now, it seems like we’ve learnt something new about Super Mario Bros 1! Remember Lakitu? How in this game, he threw spinies straight down from the top of the screen?

Well that’s a mistake. His throws were meant to have real physics. So the Spiny Eggs would arc down and bounce off pipes.

You can see a comparison here. The video on the right shows how they were meant to act:

Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Either way, there’s a patch for the game on the Cutting Room Floor wiki. Which can be downloaded here:

Unused Spiny Behaviour (Super Mario Bros) – The Cutting Room Floor

They’ve also got a series of notes that go through the game code line by code and explain why this is happening. Those can be read here:

Super Mario Bros (notes) – The Cutting Room Floor

So yeah, apparently Lakitu’s physics were messed up since 1985. That’s a pretty impressive run for a glitch like this, and shows that even Nintendo can miss simple things.


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I'm glad that didn't work how it was supposed to. Hammer Bros were bad, but this would've been worse.


You would have thought the testers would have caught this and fixed it back in the day.


Well, the testers didn't have access to the code. Then only people that could have caught it are the ones that designed it. It may be possible that they didn't have the time to fix it or settled on keeping the bugged behavior. Sometimes in designing, bugs become features.


I guess as different as they were, they still didn't made the game unplayable so  they didn't really made it a priority.