Konami Launching a Metal Gear Solid Pachislot Machine

Konami has not exactly had a good run in the last year or so. From cancelling Silent Hills (and reviving the franchise as a pachinko machine) to their fallout with Metal Gear developer Hideo Kojima, it seems the company has been annoying everyone in sight.

And now, things have just got worse. Namely, they’ve announced that their new Metal Gear Solid Project…

Is a pachislot machine.

Based on Metal Gear Solid 3.

No really:

As you can see, it’s not what any Metal Gear Solid fans wanted at all. So much in fact that the video reception has been vicious beyond belief; 480 likes compared to a massive 14,599 dislikes. That’s pretty impressive, especially given how every country in the world seems to be represented in the list of angry comments below. Seriously, the English fans are angry, the Japanese fans are angry, the Russian fans are angry… I don’t think Konami could find more than three people on the planet who’d consider this a good idea.

And honestly, I don’t blame anyone for being so annoyed. Seriously, Metal Gear Solid is a heavily story driven series of stealth games. That’s what people want from it. To just go and screw the creator out of his own franchise, and then slap the characters and branding on a terrible slot machine… that’s just pathetic on all fronts. It’s like if Nintendo announced a new Zelda title; and then said it was actually a slot machine with Zelda graphics. After firing Miyamoto and Aonuma.

Or in short, it’s a bit like the situation with Metroid Prime Federation Force. Except a hundred times worse.

Either way, that’s the Metal Gear Solid pachislot machine. Do you think announcing it was a good idea? Or did Konami basically commit suicide by angering their Metal Gear fanbase even more with this slot machine?


Konami Will Launch a Metal Gear Solid 3 Pachislot Machine Later This Year – Gamnesia