Kirby Star Allies: Datamined Demo Leaks Every Boss and Power

Kirby Star Allies Artwork

Earlier this week, Nintendo released a demo for Kirby Star Allies. Featuring two levels (‘Grassland’ and ‘Castle’), it was meant to be a short preview of the upcoming title, and a way for fans to get a taste of the game prior to its full release on March 16th.

But like many Nintendo made demos, the one for Kirby Star Allies had a small flaw.

Namely, Nintendo didn’t scrub it of any unused content. As a result, dataminers have now found most of the later game content. Such as say, all the bosses you’ll fight in the adventure. Or the various battles you’ll go through in this game’s version of the True Arena.

And while they did at least catch the soundtrack aspect (with most songs from the full game being absent from the demo), having everything else leaked means spoilers are now all over the internet.

Including this very site. So, if you want to stay unspoilt as far as Kirby Star Allies content is concerned, stop reading now. If not… well keep going to find out everything there is to know about this upcoming title!

The Bosses

Starting with the foes you’ll face through the game. Here is a list of all the bosses encountered in Kirby Star Allies, with their subtitles in brackets afterwards:

  • Whispy Woods (Guardian of the Forest)
  • King Dedede (His Royal Nemesis)
  • Kracko (Cycloptic Stormcloud)
  • Meta Knight (The Lone Swordsman)
  • Pon and Con (Dual Defenders)
  • Francisca (Frozen General)
  • Flamberge (Blazing General)
  • Zan Partizanne (Lightning General)
  • Grand Mam (Big Bad Mama)
  • Hyness (Officiant of Doom)
  • Void Termina (Destroyer of Worlds)

As you can imagine, the final one is basically this game’s equivalent to Nightmare, Marx or Magolor, the man behind the man that ends up being the final opponent. It’s pretty much what you’d expect from a Kirby opponent (eldritch and darker than expected), but with a pretty neat name none the less.

However, the game doesn’t just have these bosses. No, like other Kirby games, Star Allies has extra modes too, one of which is the equivalent of the Arena from past titles (more on that below). Said arena then has Ex versions of bosses, namely:

  • Yggy Woods (Old Growth Elder)
  • Twin Kracko (Dual Thunderheads)
  • Goldon and Silvox (The Metal Heavies)
  • Galacta Knight (Temporal Warrior)
  • Morpho Knight (Reborn Butterfly)
  • Plus, Void Soul, the supposed ‘Essence of Chaos’.

That last one is obviously the Marx Soul equivalent of Star Allies, being a more powerful and unhinged version of the Big Bad with extra abilities.

However, as we mentioned already, this arena is a bit different from the norm. You see, it doesn’t just have two modes anymore…

A (new) Arena

Instead, it has five separate difficulty levels. These levels act a bit like the difficulty settings in Super Smash Bros and Kid Icarus Uprising and range from the most harmless to the downright terrifying. They are:

  • Sweet Breeze
  • Mild Stroll
  • Zesty Expedition
  • Spicy Adventure
  • Sizzling Threat
  • Fiery Showdown
  • Infernal Crisis
  • Soul Melter

Yeah, Soul Melter. Talk about a menacing ultra-hard difficulty level name! It’s like they thought about Nightmare, Intense and Nothing Harder and considered them a bit old hat. So instead, we get a difficulty setting that sounds like it wants to rip you to pieces and drop whatever remains into a black hole.

Still, there is a benefit to these modes. Just like in Smash, the harder difficulties give you better rewards, with the later few giving you a chance for a much better high score on the mini game. This means that if you want to be truly ‘world class’, you’ll have to take on the harder versions (and hence EX bosses) rather than just stick with the early ones. It’s a nice change of pace from the dual mode setup of Super Star and the likes.

So yeah, that’s the boss side of things. But what about the powers? What interesting abilities does Kirby have in this game?

Kirby’s Powers and Abilities

Well, quite a few more than usual, that’s for sure. Cause believe it or not, Star Allies includes quite a bit more customisation with its more in-depth helper system, and that opens a few possibilities for powers not seen before. Here’s the list of those for anyone who cares (as well as the allies you get them from):

  • Artist – Vividria
  • Beam – Waddle Doo, Beam Land
  • Beetle – Beetley, Unbeatable Beetle
  • Bomb – Poppy Bros. Jr, Bombs Away!
  • Clean – Broom Hatter, Spring Cleaning
  • Cook – Chef Kawasaki, Flavor Attack
  • Crash
  • Cutter – Sir Kibble, Cutting in Style
  • ESP – NESP, Psych Out
  • Festival
  • Fighter – Knuckle Joe, The Contender
  • Fire – Burning Leo, Roaring Fire
  • Hammer – Bonkers, Banana Mania
  • Ice – Chilly, Chill Winds
  • Mike
  • Ninja – Bio Spark, Savage Silence
  • Normal
  • Parasol – Parasol Waddle Dee, Floaty Dreamer
  • Plasma – Plugg, Powered Up
  • Sleep
  • Spider – Como, A Tangled Web
  • Staff – Jammerjab, Staff Striker
  • Stone – Rocky, Rock the World
  • Suplex – Bugzzy, What’s the Bug Idea?
  • Sword – Blade Knight, Staying Sharp
  • Water – Driblee, Rinse and Repeat
  • Whip – Wester, Wild-West Whip
  • Wing – Birdon, Freedom in the Sky
  • Yo-Yo – Gim, Up-and-Down Dynamo

With the following abilities being the Friend Combos in said title:

  • Artist – Still Life
  • Artist + Stone – Rock Painter
  • Bandana Waddle Dee – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Spear
  • Beetle – Friend Throw
  • Bomb – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Bomb
  • Clean – Friend Super-Vac
  • Cook – Cook Potluck & Supper Party (uncharged and charged)
  • Crash – Crash Rush
  • Cutter – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Cutter
  • ESP + Stone – Geokinesis
  • Festival – Festival Dance
  • Fighter – Friend Throw
  • Fire + Wind – Rising Sizzler
  • Hammer – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Hammer
  • King Dedede – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Hammer
  • Meta Knight – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Sword
  • Mike – Fatal Chorus
  • Ninja – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Ninja
  • Parasol – Chumbrella
  • Plasma + Water – Thundersplash
  • Spider – Friend Bounce
  • Staff – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Staff
  • Stone + Water/Clean/Ice – Splash, Clean, Ice Curling
  • Suplex – Friend Throw
  • Sword – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Sword
  • Water + Ice – Icicle Lance
  • Water + Electric – Zap Splasher
  • Whip – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Whip
  • Yo-Yo – Splash, Sizzle, Blizzard, Zap, Bluster Yo-Yo
  • Friend Combo – Friend Bridge, Friend Circle, Friend Train, Friend Star, Star Allies Sparkler

Of note, the final one (Star Allies Sparkler) is meant for use in the final battle and acts a bit like say the Star Rod in Kirby’s Adventure.

But it’s not just helpers here. Oh no, quite a few named characters appear in similar roles too…

Additional Playable Characters

With King Dedede, Meta Knight and Bandana Waddle Dee all being unlocked in the postgame. These guys act like helpers for the most part, albeit with their signature abilities intact and some cool titles:

  • King Dedede (Fight for the Crown)
  • Meta Knight (Scourge of Darkness)
  • Bandana Waddle Dee (The Legend of Dee)

And that’s not all. Oh no, while the above three are the only extra characters in the actual game, another familiar Kirby character was planned to be playable at one point as well. That character?

Yup, the Return to Dreamland villain was intended to be playable at one point. Sadly, he was scrapped early on, but remnants of his role do exist alongside the characters that were kept as playable in the title.

Other Content

Finally, Kirby Star Allies also includes some other intriguing features and additions as well. These include:

  • Guest Star ??? Star Allies Go, a time attack mode similar to Dedede Tour and Meta Knightmare from past games. This one features the helpers, includes a secret boss and has power ups you can fight throughout the adventure.
  • Familiar music from past games, like Castle Lololo, Vegetable Valley, Orange Ocean and Miracle Matter.
  • Secret levels, which are seemingly unlocked like those in Super Mario World
  • As well as various illustrations unlocked as concept art. These aren’t in the datamine, but feature various artists from previous Kirby games, focusing on the pink puffball’s previous adventures.

So yeah, there’s quite a bit of interesting content in Kirby’s Star Allies. And if you want to see even more (like the level names, boss intro text and other features there), you can see that over at the Reserved Kirby Tumblr here and the Reset Era topic for the title here. Trust us, there’s some damn neat stuff out there.

But hey, what do you think? Does this stuff make you more excited for the game? What things are you looking forward to when it launches later this month?

Tell us what you think here in the comments or at the Gaming Latest forums now!


Kirby Star Allies Datamine Findings (Tumblr)

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