Imagos Softworks Wins Case Against Alex Mauer, Starr Mazer Videos Safe for the Future


Back in June, we wrote a story about how a composer called Alex Mauer was abusing the YouTube takedown system to strike out at Imagos Softworks for supposedly ‘not paying her’ for her work. We said how the case was questionable, how the evidence was all against her and how attacking innocent people online was no way to get support on her side.

And since then, it’s been quite the wild ride. We’ve had the claims expanded to more games Mauer worked on in the past. We’ve had threats against Turner Broadcasting for Adult Swim using her music in a game. Physical threats have been sent to YouTubers like SidAlpha for covering the story, and the press has done their usual job of misrepresenting it in every way possible. In short, it’s been an utter shambles.

But now that’s finally over. Now after all this time, the two parties have settled the case.

And in this case, that means Imagos Softworks has come out on top. The agreement says that Imagos owns the rights to the music (and other assets) in Starr Mazer DSP, as well as that Mauer cannot file any more claims on the company’s work or attack the company in future.

It’s good news for YouTubers all round. It means that they can relax knowing these fake DMCA notices will end now. That Starr Mazer DSP videos are able to stay up in future, and that they can even pursue legal action against Mauer in regards to these takedowns if they choose to do so. So yeah, good for everyone really.

Here’s a nice summary of the situation courtesy of SidAlpha on YouTube:

As well as an informative discussion about it with Leonard French:

Of course, it’s not all positive news here. Yes, she’s stopped demanding takedowns and can now be sued for her previous actions.

But she’s also seemingly no repentant for her actions either. She’s still attacking SidAlpha over his videos in partnership with Andrew Watts, and she’s also apparently sent threats to both Leonard French and the judge of the court case.

That means future legal troubles could be in her future along the line, as well as that people she has a personal vendetta against still need to finish their own cases here.

For the most part though, it’s finally over. Mauer has lost, Imagos has won and you can finally post videos of Starr Mazer DSP without an angry composer trying to use your channel as a weapon against its developers.

Hooray for the justice system here!


Alex Mauer: The Lawsuit Settlement with Imagos (SidAlpha on YouTube)


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