Hideki Kamiya; Which Game Do you Want a Sequel To?

As you all likely knows, Hideki Kamiya is one of the key member of Japanese developer Platinum Games.  They’re known for making Okami, Bayonetta and Devil May Cry among various other titles.  All good games, and all titles that fans want to see sequels to.

But now, it seems like you may have the chance to show the company just which games you want sequels too!  Want Bayonetta 3?  Feel like a new Okami game could be an interesting experience?  Want to see the Viewtful Joe series (one by his previous employers, Clover Studio) make a comeback?  Then go ahead and vote for yourself!

Here are the polls, as per his Twitter account:

So yeah, go ahead and vote, we may well get a new Viewtful Joe, Bayonetta or Okami out of it!


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I kind of would like to see another Viewtiful Joe, but I am not sure if the ending of the first was just perfect to let it rest or if a sequel could work nicely.That said, Okami seemed to be pretty popular and I think a very unique game too. :3