GoldenEye’s canceled Xbox 360 Remaster is now out

007 Goldeneye, released many many years ago on N64 was going to get a remake in 2008 that would have shaken the gaming world and no doubt make Xbox 360 sales skyrocket! Yes, the game that was the center of many nightly game parties and would punish anyone who picked Oddjob was going to get an HD remake that may have even appeared on a Nintendo console later on, was quickly shot down due to its many parties involved that needed to give permission to release it. These many requirements is what killed the project, despite it being nearly complete which would have come with online multiplayer.

Before going further, this article does not explain how to get this game, nor does Gaming Reinvented or Gaming Latest support or condone illegal torrent video game release. This game was scrapped due to some large legal reason with MCM and the leaker is sure to face trouble for their actions. This article is written based on videos going around Youtube, if you seek out the game, you accept all risks in doing so.

As shown in the video above, you can play the abandon game, even play its multiplayer mode, online even and play this on PC or a modded Xbox 360 system! It’s amazing this is finally happening and mind-boggling that it was abandon, as show by recent fan joy out pour, there was money to be made in this. 007 Goldeneye still remains one of the best FPS shooters out there, perfected by its successor Perfect Dark, so it’s crazy to think money wasn’t spent to get it out. You can check out the full game below:

The main features of the game is that all the textures have been upgraded, can easily toggle between the HD graphics or the old N64 look. The game runs at 60fps and comes with dual joystick support that will make it better to play than ever before.


So what do you think readers! Did you ever play the N64 version? What are some of your favorite memories? Will you go hunting for this version? Let us know below, on the forum or on discord! (note, please do not post any links leading to the download or instructions of how to get the game, they will be deleted!)


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