Glitch Makes Hinox and Talus Medals Impossible to get in Zelda Breath of the Wild

After defeating the final boss in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, you can ask to speak to Kilton about various bosses found throughout Hyrule. By doing this, he’ll tell you how many are left to kill, and give you a nice medal if you’ve defeated all of them.

But it seems that doesn’t work in Master Mode. Why?

Because like every other enemy in the game, the bosses get ranked up to their stronger forms. Which is all fair enough. It makes them tougher to defeat in the game’s hard mode.

However, it seems said rank also screwed up the code for counting boss defeats. As a result, Kilton will now ‘not count’ more than half the Stone Talus and Hinox in Hyrule towards their respective boss defeated totals.

And since you need to defeat them all for the medals? This in turn makes the medals completely unobtainable.

Here’s a video illustrating the effects with a Stone Talus and a Hinox:

So which one are affected? Well, any that rank up that’s what. Because of this, the following overworld bosses do indeed count towards the medal counter:

  • All Igneo Talus in the game (they have no stronger form, hence aren’t affected by Master Mode)
  • All Frost Talus in the game (see above)
  • Any Rare Stone Talus that carry over from normal mode (since they’re at the ‘max’ level)
  • Any Black Hinox that carry over from normal mode (again, they’re at max level)
  • The Hinox used for the ‘Hinox Brothers’ shrine quest (they don’t rank up for story reasons)
  • As well as the Stone Talus on the Great Plateau (they didn’t decide to make it more difficult).

Either way, here’s a map showing the locations of all bosses that still count towards the medals

Working Boss Locations Map

So don’t worry if Kilton isn’t giving you the Hinox or Stone Talus Medal of Honour. Cause thanks to a bug in the game, it’s impossible to get them anyway.

Relax and wait for Nintendo to patch the glitch instead.


PSA: Kilton’s Monster Medals of Honour are Unobtainable in Master Mode (Reddit)


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