GilvaSunner Imposter Gets Accounted Terminated on Youtube

If you often listen to gaming music on Youtube, you may have came across an interesting user by the name of ‘GiIvaSunner’. This user would post parody versions of Nintendo songs, like Gerudo Valley or Dire Dire Docks. These would then either gradually mix into another theme (often The Flintstones theme song), or simply be replaced by something else.

Like this version of Super Mario 64’s slider theme:

Unfortunately, someone didn’t like channel very much. The result? Youtube has terminated it for ‘violating the terms of service’. Vague, isn’t it? What’s more, it’s not clear how exactly it breaks any rules. The original GilvaSunner likes the parody channel and finds it funny:

And also made his own parody video for April Fools Day (with the fake uploading real music rips instead):

Above: A more glorious remix you’ve never heard

People in general like the remixes and haven’t complained about ‘being misled’ or anything similar. They’re popular on sites like the Nintendo Music subreddit. It just makes no sense that this account would be shut down, given that everyone’s fine with it and its likely fair use.

Still, there is one silver lining (or maybe ‘gilva lining). This guy is going to be appealing against this decision:

So for people out there who liked these parody videos, you’ll get more of them soon. Even if Google and Youtube are being idiots and shutting down accounts for no real reason whatsoever. You can also download them on Bandcamp here:

GilvaSunner’s Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 1 – Bandcamp

But what do you think? Did you subscribe to this GilvaSunner imposter? And do you find his fake versions of Nintendo songs amusing?