Generation 2 Pokemon Found in Pokemon GO Code!

Well, it looks like generation 2 Pokemon are finally coming to Pokemon GO! This is because according to the Silph Road, the names of all 100 generation 2 Pokemon have been found in the source code of the game. Yes, even legendaries like Ho-oh, Lugia and Celebi. So it seems like the Pokemon GO devs are likely considering how to make legendaries catchable as well!

So yeah, it seems our first look at gen 2 Pokemon in Pokemon GO is finally here. But that’s not all that’s be added here.

Oh no, a new move has been added too, complete with its own animation sequence. What is it?


In other words, Ditto is now that much closer to being available in Pokemon GO. So hey, Ditto will become obtainable too in the near future.

Ditto in Pokemon GO

Additionally, a few other new features have been included in the code as well. These include:

  • A lockout system, to stop ‘gym sniping’.
  • Daily quests, including daily and weekly bonuses (as mentioned in a previous update post about the game)
  • And the ‘Condolence’ ribbon, which was used for Thai players when their country’s king died recently.

So it seems like there’s a fair few features Niantic are working on implementing in the game here. However, a few things still need to be kept in mind.

Firstly, the generation 2 Pokemon do not have attack sets yet. So they won’t be added into the game until those have been configured.

Secondly, Ditto currently doesn’t have Transform in its moveset. The move exists, and Ditto exists as a Pokemon, but the latter’s only current move is ‘Struggle’. Hence until Transform is added as a move for Ditto, it’s likely said Pokemon won’t be made available to catch either.

But hey, at least it’s a start, right? And hey, while it’s not finished yet, it’s still nice to know that Niantic is planning on bringing more Pokemon species to Pokemon GO in the future.

Let’s hope these additions will make Pokemon GO more popular again.


Ditto and Generation 2 Pokemon found in Pokemon GO APK (Silph Road)


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