Gaming Reinvented is Getting Upgraded!

As you may have noticed, posts on the site have been a bit sporadic recently. Sure, you’ve got the odd post from someone else, and I’ve posted a news item here and then, but generally updates have been slower than usual.

However, there’s a reason for this. Put simply, Gaming Reinvented is being upgraded.

This means the site will be getting a completely new design soon, complete with additional features like user created filters, improved profiles and more features for both readers and writers on the service.

But web development takes time, and reworking a site of this size takes even longer. So as a result of this, we’ve not really had the same amount of time to post content on the site in recent weeks.

So sorry for any inconvenience that may cause, and I do hope the upcoming update will be worth the lack of news.

Thanks for reading!


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5 years ago

looking forward to the changes!

5 years ago

Looking forward to seeing the new design!