The Gaming Reinvented Contest Results Are In!

Well, it’s been two weeks since the Gaming Reinvented contest started. We’ve had tons of entries, lots of people have liked or retweeted us on Twitter about it and heck, even sites like Source Gaming and Mario RPG Universe have helped out here.

But now it’s finally over. And we can reveal the winner is…
Goomba Smackdown!! for his article on No Man’s Sky! Congrats, we’ll be in contact soon to ask what games and systems you want for your prize.

(You can also get the prize in plain cash, but that’s kind of boring!)

So why did he win? How did the other articles do? Well, here’s the full set of results for the entries we received for the contest. As you can see, we marked them each on ‘uniqueness’ and ‘quality’, and the best scoring article won.

The List of Entries

Advertising Games for Dummies

Entry by: Chronis

Uniqueness Score: 7/10

Because while advertising games is certainly a topic people have written about before, most takes seem to be from a developer’s perspective. Like say, how to promote your new indie title online so it gets through Steam Greenlight or gets funded on Kickstarter. A talk about advertising games well from a game’s perspective is hence a bit more unique in that regard.

So not a 100% ‘unique’ topic, but an interesting enough take on it none the less.

Quality Score: 7/10

As for the quality of the article, that’s pretty good as well. It’s decently well written, flows relatively well and seems to be easy enough to read.
It’s also an accurate look at how best to advertise video games with some decent examples of good marketing and can show both gamers and people in the industry how they should promote their game if they want more attention.

However, there’s one thing that bugged me about the whole thing. And that’s just how short the article seems to be. Yes, it’s technically around 500 words (which was around the average mark for content length in 2012), but it still seems like the article ends far earlier than you’d expect it to.

And I suspect that’s because there’s not really much of a conclusion here. It has a sentence saying that game companies should show their creativity more, but that seems like something you’d say after the ‘formal’ conclusion to the piece. After a paragraph or two summarising what makes a good ad campaign and ending with a general point about the matter (like say, ‘market your games in a creative way’ or what not).

Hence the final score is a nice 14/20. Not perfect by any means, but a decent enough take on a fairly original idea.

Overall: 14/20

A Journey through Drangleic and Dark Souls II

Entry by: TofuFury

Uniqueness Score: 7/10

An article written in the first person? Have to say, that is pretty novel, especially on a gaming news site. It gives the piece a very different feel to most I’ve read about the game, and makes it seem more like a story than a simple recap.

And while recaps based on the Dark Souls series are fairly common online (especially on gaming subreddits), I found this one a bit more unique than the norm, what with how it seems to blend both narrative and critical opinion on the game without coming across as too corny or clichéd.

Either way, it’s unique enough to get a good score here.

Quality Score: 8/10

It’s also a well written article, which is easy to read and where each point follows logically from the last one. Indeed, despite having no real experience with Dark Souls II whatsoever, I managed to follow and understand everything that was being said without a problem. That’s good.

It’s also impressive how the writer went to the effort of cataloguing the sources used for the article as well. Yeah, they’re not referencing specific pages on the wiki or certain characters in the game (because in this case, they don’t need to), but the list of wiki and photo sources is a lot more professional than is typical for a gaming article. Or for that matter, any article in the media nowadays. So kudos on that.

Add how it explained various aspects of the game well, and you’ve got an article that deserves its solid 8/10 quality score. It’s a good piece overall.

Overall: 15/20

How to Defeat Your Gaming Backlog

Entry by: J.K. Riki

Uniqueness Score: 5/10

Well, it’s a bit of a low score, but the topic here is one that quite a few people have tackled online. A quick search in Google brings up 7 articles about gaming backlogs and tackling them, two forum topics about the same general thing and one site (Backloggery) that’s often used by gamers to tackle the problem.

So it’s a fairly generic subject that’s been written about a lot in the past. But is the actual content more interesting than the theme?

Quality Score: 6/10

To be honest, the answer there is probably ‘no’. It’s a well written article, without too much in the way of spelling and grammar errors and written in a way that flows nicely when you read it. So it’s technically a very solid piece of content.

But it’s also very predictable. I mean yes, it gives advice on how to clear your gaming backlog. But it’s very obvious advice that a lot of people wouldn’t really need to read the article to figure out. I mean, stop buying games if you ever want to finish all the ones you have? That’s a true point, but it’s also very much a ‘well duh’ kind of thing.

So that’s why it gets an average score here. It’s well written, but it’s also very much the kind of ‘extremely obvious’ advice that news sites and blogs focus a bit too much on nowadays. No one who reads it is going to learn anything new.

Overall: 11/20

So Random!: How to Build Attachment to Random Generation (and Not Be No Man’s Sky)

Entry by: Goomba Smackdown!!

Uniqueness Score: 7/10

It’s a game a lot of people have already written about, but the article is more unique because of its actual content. Namely, how it’s a game design article that talks about random generation and how that applies to games like No Man’s Sky and what not.

So while the game isn’t an original choice, the direction the article goes is, and it’s been scored accordingly.

Quality Score: 9/10

Well, this is a great article on a quality level. Indeed, it’s been posted a fair amount over at Reddit and got quite a few upvotes as well. And it really goes deep into the topic too. I mean, you could probably write a PhD dissertation on procedural generation and game design with this one.

It’s certainly the kind of article that could be considered ‘10x content’ (read, ten times better than most other articles on the subject). It’s well written too, with mostly good spelling and grammar and a writing style that’s easy to read (for someone interested in the subject).

There’s not really anything negative to say about this one. It might be a tad technical for some readers, but it’s a well written, fairly unique article that’s a strong contender for winning the Gaming Reinvented writing contest.

Overall: 16/20

The Biggest Problem with Undertale

Entry by: Calin

Uniqueness Score: 6/10

It’s an article about a currently popular game that talks about an issue in said game. Again, it’s not the most original topic, though the article itself is interesting and fairly well written (more on that in the next point).

So a middle of the road uniqueness score then.

Quality Score: 7/10

Content quality wise it’s okay, with the article making some logical points about Undertale, the ‘Genocide Route’ and how the design apparently doesn’t work. I can’t see anything here that doesn’t make sense or is actually incorrect about Undertale as a game.

And the article’s use of images here is good as well. Remember, on the internet, images speak louder than words (especially if they’re relevant). So an article which illustrates its points with relevant in game screenshots is much more appealing than one that’s merely a giant wall of text with nothing to really break it up.
So it’s a good piece for the most part. Hence the decent score it’s getting in this contest.

Overall: 13/20

Why Paper Mario Color Splash Might Not Be So Bad

Entry by: Dark Young Link

Uniqueness Score: 7/10

Well, it’s certainly a unique perspective on Paper Mario Color Splash, especially considering the time in which it was written (aka, prior to the game being leaked/playable by the public). Few other Paper Mario fans were looking forward to the game before it came out, and few bothered to try and defend it.

That said, it’s still a little predictable in another sense. Namely, it’s a devil’s advocate article about a game that’s unpopular. And those are common for various titles, even if Paper Mario Color Splash isn’t usually the game being defended.

Either way, originality points for offering a positive view on a much derided game, but a few less than perfect score is needed simply because devil’s advocate articles are a fairly common thing online.

Quality Score: 5/10

Well, this is interesting. Apparently, this article’s author posted a video about the subject on YouTube, which the article itself is based on. Got to commend the amount of effort there, it’s not often someone will write an article for a news site and then record a video or podcast based on it as well, especially not if it’s a guest article rather than one by a ‘staff member.

That said, something does feel a bit off here. Like the article doesn’t quite flow properly, and seems like it was made to be a video. For example, the points (about Paper Mario post Sticker Star feeling more like a 3D Mario platformer and the story being more interesting) are alright. But they’re very basic and not very well elaborated on. That’s okay for a video defending the game, but perhaps not great for a lengthy article about it.

And the point about Sticker Star failing because we didn’t know about the changes isn’t a great one. I mean, that’s exactly why people are hating on Color Splash. Cause they know the changes are there and they don’t like them. Knowing or not knowing in advance doesn’t really matter here, since the people who hate Sticker Star will almost always dislike this one, and those that don’t mind it/want to give it a chance won’t.

In general, it’s an okay but kind of barebones article for the most part. It just won’t convince anyone to change their opinion (whether positive or negative) about Color Splash, so kind of doesn’t really work when it comes to defending the game.

Overall Score: 12/20

The Results

And here’s the list of entries ordered by score…

  1. So Random!: How to Build Attachment to Random Generation (and Not Be No Man’s Sky): 16/20
  2. A Journey through Drangleic and Dark Souls II: 15/20
  3. Advertising Games for Dummies: 14/20
  4. The Biggest Problem with Undertale: 13/20
  5. Why Paper Mario Color Splash May Not Be So Bad: 12/20
  6. How to Defeat Your Gaming Backlog: 11/20

As you can see, all the articles were at least decent, with no one getting a score below 50% in this contest. But we have to choose a winner overall, so we’re giving it to Goomba Smackdown for his article on No Man’s Sky.

So that’s all for now! Will there be another contest? Well, maybe. We’re planning on launching a more general platform for non gaming news in the near future, so that might get a similar deal too if we can get the support for it. But for now, let’s just see what Goomba Smackdown chooses for his prize, shall we?


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4 years ago


4 years ago

Thanks for the feedback on my article. I know it had to be tough scoring those articles and giving constructive feedback. I appreciate the opportunity to compete and flex my skills at writing articles for games, and thanks for offering such a generous prize.

4 years ago

[QUOTE="CM30, post: 142360, member: 1"]They're both good articles. I just preferred one to the other.

But yeah, you did well too. It's just a contest is always gonna have one winner, regardless of how many people enter it. And this is just for a small contest with about 6 entries and a small prize. Can't imagine what it'd be like say, judging a TV talent show with thousands of contestants and lots of dreams you'd have to shatter on live television…[/QUOTE]

I'm gonna assume that's because I decided to tackle a widely beloved game in a negative way.


4 years ago

[QUOTE="CM30, post: 142366, member: 1"]It isn't. I haven't played Undertale yet, so I basically have no opinion on it.[/QUOTE]

Oh, sorry about spoiling a bit of it for you, then.

Goomba Smackdown!!
4 years ago

I thought that article was going to be something I always put off, but suddenly it turned into a 4k+ word article and won me a contest. (Wow!) I'll definitely return with more, one day. (Just with no more mentions of No Man's Sky, I promise).

(Also I just remembered recently how I got to be an 'article writer' in the vBulletin days and got a little pencil icon by my name. I remember making little banners for my crappy reviews in Photoshop. Good times…)

Thanks everyone!

4 years ago

Good articles and congrats to the winners.