Gamestop’s PowerPass

Power to the Player is Gamestop’s iconic slogan in order to support the gaming community and today they are strengthening it by announcing their new $60 deal, PowerPass.

Basically PowerPass is their version of a iconic Blockbuster renting service. By paying $60 USD, you can play as many pre-owned video games from any Gamestop store, not website though in a span of six months with no limit how many you play so long as you bring in the one you rented out. Plus when the time comes to end your PowerPass you can renew or keep one of the games you rented out for no additional charge.

The program begins November 19th 2017 and you must be apart of the Powerup Rewards member program to be able to enter the PowerPass program.


So overall, it’s a pretty sweet deal if you have a lot of time and want to play a lot of pre-owned physical games but if you’re not apart of their rewards program then you’re looking at a additional charge of $15. Though the issues that come from this are, will the stores have a good supply of used games to keep up with the demand? How far back in the console generations will this PowerPass apply to? And how will the gaming industry take to this new program, as they aren’t a fan of used video games and I doubt this new program will make them any happier.


Leaves your thoughts below on this or on the Gaming Latest forum and let us know if you plan on getting in on this.


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