G2A’s Amazing Free Advertising

There is a famous saying, that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Recently the website G2A (not short for anything) is mostly known for resale of gaming products, mainly digital game keys and more often or not illegal game keys.

Game publishers have come out recently saying, that if you won’t buy their games from them directly, then pirate them instead of giving G2A your money. This started a whole chain reaction of bad publicity and causing major news reporting places like Inside Gaming to bring a lot of light to G2A. The main focus is how much trouble G2A is causing for publishers who have to deal with people who get bad gaming keys from G2A. In order to turn things around, G2A began to pay blog publishers to publish good articles about them to fix their image, well that led to even more negative reaction.

What can happen from here? Well, apparently G2A said that a lone employee was the one requesting such articles, which is hard to believe but its what they are sticking with. In recent news G2A said that if enough publishers (the same which many are reaching out shunning the service) reach out to them and make the request, they will make a program that will search their database and block illegal keys.

It’s been a week-long slander, flaming and back and forth with a simple website which you can get the full break down details here from IG who are hounding the service to make things clear:

In short though, G2A has been getting a lot of attention this week and most likely enough their service has only benefited from those wanting to sell keys and those wanting cheap gaming keys. The Best part of this is they most likely didn’t spend a dime to get their name and service out. Once more, there is no such thing as bad publicity but hopefully a grave isn’t being dug for G2A from all of this.

So does anyone here use G2A? Would you use them now? Let us know below or on the Gaming latest forums.




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