French News Station Uses Skyward Sword Music in Coverage!

Over the past few decades, there have been quite a few examples of video game song being snuck into TV shows. An Argentinian one used the Super Mario Bros theme for a promo back in May 2016:

An Indian show include a bit of Zelda music in one of its episodes:

Heck, we even had a North Korean propaganda video using music from The Elder Scrolls! Which was exactly as ridiculous as it sounds…

And now it seems French TV station France 2 has joined the group. Why? Because in a recent segments about planes in the capital, a very familiar song from the Zelda series played in the background:

Yes, you heard that right. It’s the Ballad of the Goddess from The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword playing in the background. What’s more, it’s surprisingly appropriate given the topic of the video. A song from a game about flying used for a music about planes? That actually works pretty well.

But it also raises one question. Namely “Did Nintendo authorise this?”

Because I’m going to guess the answer is probably no. After all, Nintendo don’t really release their songs on iTunes or any similar platforms. Presumably so they don’t have to let people pay them for a license to use them in other works.

So unless Nintendo of France has a special deal with the TV station, it’s likely they didn’t ask before using the song.

But hey, it doesn’t really matter either way. The song fits the show and the chances that Nintendo will get too angry about it are few and far between. I mean, why come across as killjoys for something like this? It makes no business sense.

Still, what do you think? Do you like how this French TV station has used Zelda music in a news report? Or does the whole concept just seem ridiculously off to you?


French TV Station France 2 Used Music from Skyward Sword in News Report (Nintendo subreddit)


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