EA Games and Origin Ban Myanmar

Earlier today, it seems EA blocked users from Myanmar from logging into Origin (their digital game selling service). This was reported on Reddit by a user who noticed his account got ‘access denied’ messages whenever he tried to access the service.

This then led him to an answer on EA’s site where it explained that:

with the Origin 10 update, US laws (which is where EA is based) forced them to block certain countries. Unfortunately you live in one of those countries. I’m sorry but there is nothing we ca do here to allow you access again.

Presumably referring to sanctions the US had against Myanmar. These would stop companies in the US (like EA) from doing business with people and companies in Myanmar (like the user). That all seems logical, right?

Well, no. No it doesn’t.

Why? Because earlier this month, the US dropped its sanctions against Myanmar. So by the time EA rolled out the ban, there was no reason to have it to begin with! They were legally allowed to trade with Myanmar all along!

And it gets even better. Because by admitting they rolled out the bans with the recent update, EA also kind of admitted they broke US economic sanctions when they were legally binding. Think about it. If this person had access to Origin before.. doesn’t that mean EA ignored them to begin with? That somehow, when the sanctions were there, the company still did business with people in the affected locations?

So yeah, it’s a pretty fine mess EA has gotten themselves into. Still, at least they’re fixing the issue now, and restoring access to origin to players from Myanmar. So if you’re affected by the blocks, it won’t be too long til you can play your games again.

I guess all’s well that ends well then?


EA Quietly Bans Country of Myanmar from Origin (TechRaptor)


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EA Games and Origin Ban Myanmar[/QUOTE]

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