DSiWare Games Being Removed from eshop

Digital games can be great, a lot of times they can be cheap, easy to put on your system without handling a physical media and yet at the end of the day, your time with them is only so long as revealed by this Twitter post:

As revealed by Come Out Punching, the DSi game Shantae Risk’s Revenge is no longer available to download along with lots of other May 2011 and before titles. There are still other DSi titles available for purchase and download, but who knows for how long.

It’s a sad thing, but Nintendo and other companies can’t keep their servers live forever, so when it comes to digital downloads, better to get them sooner rather than later.


So what do you think? Will you buy digital games sooner? Do you wish digital games never vanish? Let us know below, on the forum or on our discord!


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