Dr. Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training Launches in Europe This Week!

Later this week, Dr. Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training will be released for the Nintendo 3DS. A follow up to the popular DS titles, this new one has a demon version of Kawashima trying to help the player improve their concentration and working memory.

But this is more than just any old Brain Training game.

Oh no. Because unlike the others in the series (and most other Nintendo games for that matter), Devilish Brain Training has stayed in release date limbo for years as far as Europe and Australia were concerned.

Seriously. It was originally launched in Japan in mid 2012. After that, it came out in America (as Brain Age: Concentration Training) in February 2013.

After that… nothing. The game just got stuck in limbo for four years.

And no one really knows why. Nintendo obviously had plans to release it here. It gotten onto their release schedule in pretty much every year since that point.

Yet for whatever reason it just never came out. The release date stayed as ‘TBA’ for years on years. Like someone at the company was paranoid it’d offend some group or another. Or that some legal dispute was going on behind the scenes with no end in sight.

But finally it’s all over. Finally, Devilish Brain Training will be released in Europe and Australia this week.

Which raises another question. Will anyone actually buy it?

Because to be honest, I’m not too sure how popular Brain Training is any more. The series kind of peaked in the DS era and mostly faded into history when the 3DS came onto the scene.

And this is backed quite heavily by the rumoured sales for the title. Indeed, despite being part of a series with many games selling around the 20 million mark, Devilish Brain Training has seemingly sold less than a million copies worldwide. It just came out too late to ride any trends.

Still, maybe that’ll change in Europe. Maybe us Brits are more likely to give this a go despite the demon version of Dr Kawashima being involved in it.

Or perhaps it’ll just fade back into history as quickly as it entered. Either way, it’s finally out, and people can stop wondering about its Europe release date from here on out.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the title?

Or has the appeal of the whole ‘Brain Training’ genre kind of wore off by this point?

Post your thoughts on the matter (and more) at the Gaming Latest forums today!


Devilish Brain Training Game Page (Nintendo UK site)


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