Ditto is now Available in Pokemon GO!

Well he was technically available from a few days ago, but we never got round to posting about it. Either way, there’s now a chance that a captured Pokemon will turn out to be Ditto. In other words?

Every time you capture a Pokemon in Pokemon GO, there’s the possibility it’ll turn out to be a Ditto when captured. When this happens, the game will say ‘Oh’, before having the Pokemon transform back into a Ditto straight afterwards.

Here’s a video showing the process in action (courtesy of the official YouTube channel):

So yeah, pretty interesting if I say so myself. Maybe annoying true (like when it’s a rare Pokemon turning out to be fake), but a nice twist on the formula none the less.

But how does it work in gyms?

Well, just the way you’d expect really. You send it out, it uses Transform to become a copy of the opponent. Just like it does in the actual games.

So Ditto is now a thing in Pokemon GO.

Yet that’s not the only neat addition! Oh no, there are some minor tweaks too!

Like the bonus EXP and Stardust players will get this weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving! Basically, you’ll get double EXP and Stardust throughout the weekend. Which is a pretty nifty bonus, assuming you’ve not already permanently switched to playing Pokemon Sun or Moon by now. Or you actually feel like going outside in late November…

And then there’s the new tracking system being expanded on. This lets players in more areas get more detailed tracking info for new Pokemon, to make them easier to find without online sites or third party apps. It’s a feature that was in testing in San Francisco for a while, and its now additionally available in these places too:

  • All US states west of the Mississippi River (minus Hawaii and Alaska)
  • British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and west Ontario in Canada
  • All states and territories in Australia

Either way, while it’s not perfect (it’s not usable in Europe yet), it’s better than what was there before. That’s good, right?

So yeah, Pokemon GO has now received some interesting updates. But what do you think? Are you happy Ditto is now available? And will you ever actually use the Thanksgiving weekend bonuses?


Pokemon GO gets new tracker and Ditto (Techraptor)


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Link 70222
4 years ago

It's cool that Ditto is now available and the double exp and tracking does make the game a little more playable again, but I'm not big on how you get Ditto. I mean, I get you're trying to make it transform and that's cool, but I can only imagine the frustration of having a Dragonite in front of you and it turns out to be Ditto.