Digital Homicide Threatens Steam with Legal Action

First we had them sue Jim Sterling because he said their games were terrible. Then we had legal action being taken over 100 people who criticised them and their games on Steam.

And now, it seems Digital Homicide have taken the next step as well. Why? Because now they’re seeking legal action against Valve/Steam for removing their games from Steam. Here’s their comments on the matter, straight from their recent announcement:

The only thing that prevented me seeking legal counsel for a long list of breach of contracts, interference with business, and anti-trust issues was the fear of losing my family’s income. Since that has been taken away I am seeking legal representation. The case will benefit from a long list of organized documentation of events that have happened over the past 2 years including dates, screenshots, emails, and more on over 100 infractions in need of litigation.

It’s certainly something, isn’t it? Valve’s certainly being accused of a lot of different things here.

But here’s the thing Digital Homicide need to keep in mind.

Suing everyone who dislikes their work or criticises you, or who does anything that might potentially hurt your revenue, is not a good PR move. Instead, it’s a fine way of telling others to say as far away from your products as possible. Think about it. All those YouTube celebrities who’d cover your games? Yeah, they’re not gonna touch them now. No one’s gonna review a game when negative comments are taken as grounds for a lawsuit.

And neither are other digital services or customers. Even if you won against Valve in court, other services would likely refuse to sell your games, because it’s too risky for them.

Yes, trolls on the internet can be annoying or even scary. Yes, criticism can hurt when it comes to a game or product you’ve been making. But responding to that with legal threats is a bad move none the less. It’s the kind of thing that leads to social media meltdowns, thousands more bad reviews and your brand being the centre of negative attention in every media outlet going.

But either way, that’s the latest goings with Digital Homicide and their legal action claims. So what do you think about them threatening Valve with legal action over their games being removed from Steam?


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