Digital Homicide Drops Lawsuit Against Steam Users

Remember Digital Homicide? Well a few weeks ago, this company got a bit ‘famous’ for suing 100 Steam users for their negative remarks about the company and its work. Which in turn, got their games taken off Steam, and led to Digital Homicide suing Valve as well!

But it seems these cases and the publicity may have been a bit much for the company. Why? Because on September 26th, they filed to have the case against said Steam users dismissed and their court fees refunded.

And the court listing makes it pretty clear why. In a nutshell? Because their company was ‘destroyed’ after filing the case and hence lacks the funds to continue it. In other words, it turns out that suing your customers tends to be bad for business.

Now admittedly, this doesn’t mean they might not revive the case in the future. After all, they asked for it to be dismissed without prejudice. This means that they could technically bring the case again in future without invoking double jeopardy laws.

So a revival of the case is always a possibility, especially since their statements to Techraptor imply that they still consider themselves wronged by said users and Valve.

But for now, it seems the court cases are going to be dropped and this whole event is finally over. If you’re interested, you can find a copy of these filings in the Steam group post here:

Digital Homicide Discussion on Steam

So what do you think? Are you happy these cases are being dropped?


Digital Homicide Files to Dismiss Case against Steam Users (Techraptor)


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