Destructoid Covers Alex Mauer, Writes Hilariously Biased Story About It


A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about a vengeful composer called Alex Mauer taking down footage of a game called Starr Mazer DSP. This was because she thought the creators of said game didn’t pay her, and that attacking YouTube videos of it would be a way to get attention for herself. To ‘turn the community against’ Starr Mazer creators Imagos Softworks.

Either way, it quickly ballooned out of control from there. Since that point, Mauer has:

It’s a huge mess, and there are tons of videos you can watch about it. Like SidAlpha’s ones, Musical Anti Hero’s ones, Jim Sterling’s video, etc.

But it also never made the mainstream media. Yes we wrote about it. And the odd other gaming site ran an article or too.

Yet the big sites like Gamespot and IGN never touched it with a fifty foot bargepole. This meant the controversy never got anywhere near the publicity it probably should have.

Until now. Because earlier today, Jonathan Holmes of Destructoid thought he would give the thing a go. So he wrote his own take on the Mauer situation.

Sounds good, right?

Well, no. Because as SidAlpha points out, Holmes’ take on the situation is as naïve and badly misguided as you can get:

For one thing, the article only looks at Alex Mauer’s side of the controversy. Imagos Softworks? Nah didn’t even approach them for comment. Nor did he do the same for the creators of River City Ransom Underground or any of the YouTubers affected by the strikes.

It also heavily pushes the ‘poor victimised composer vs the evil world’ narrative as much as possible. Every inch of the thing seems to be implying Mauer owns the music and was right to take down random videos online for featuring a game with said music. This is made especially obvious by quotes like this one:
“but the public is quicker to believe them over me, just because they are game developers”

And referring to YouTubers covering the case as “ambulance chasing, opportunistic video game pundits demonizing her in long winded, fruitless YouTube rants”. Yeah, you tell ‘em. You tell those internet people that did nothing more than give an informed take on the situation. Surely they’re all evil internet trolls, right?

Yeah, it’s pretty bad all round. Kind of like they took a cursory look at the situation, assumed it was a GamerGate like fiasco and accused critics of being trolls.

So thanks Destructoid. Thanks for writing a rather biased article that demonises YouTubers and completely glosses over the various examples of threats and doxing from Mauer herself. This is a great example of how not to research a subject or write a video game article.


Destructoid drops the ball (SidAlpha’s YouTube video)

Update: Destructoid apologised in original article. Good to know.


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5 years ago

I find it hilarious that someone criticizing others for not getting their facts straight doesn’t get their own facts straight either. Turns out getting facts straight is not as easy, huh?

Just like DToid, you must not have even read the article your lambasting, as they did in fact reach out to the developers of RCRU and they declined to comment.

Perhaps a bigger website like DToid has more responsibility with its bigger influence, but I just found it incredibly hypocritical yourself.

5 years ago
Reply to  Garbonzo

I’m guessing your new to the net, otherwise you’d remember that articles can be edited/modified as needed.
A lot of stuff that is on there now was completely absent when it was originally posted…

5 years ago
Reply to  Anonymoose

Prove it.

8 months ago
Reply to  Garbonzo

Bruh. Prove that it was edited? Many people already archived the original, and even in the revised article it literally has two updated sections prefacing it.