Castlevania TV Show Producer Wants to Work on a Metroid Adaptation

A few days ago, the animated Castlevania TV series aired on Netflix. And surprisingly, it’s actually turned out to be pretty good! Indeed, the reviews have been positive, people have actually watched the series on a regular basis… Heck, it’s done so well that a second season has already been greenlit for it!

It’s a prime example of a video game adaptation done well. But it seems series producer Adi Shankar doesn’t want to stop with Castlevania! Oh no, as Nintendo Life shows in their interview, he has an interest in a Metroid adaptation too!

Here are his comments about it from the interview (as well as the question he answered with said comments):

What other video game series would you like to adapt?

Dark Metroid in the same anime style.

As you can see, he has an interest in a Metroid adaptation too. And you know what?

I agree with him. A Metroid adaptation is a great idea, and seems like the perfect one to market the Metroid series to a large audience. I mean, we’ve already got some great Metroid games coming out about now. And Nintendo does want to move into TV and movies at some point down the line.

So it’s a perfect fit.

However, let me give him some quick advice:

Ignore everything Yoshio Sakamoto tells you.

Seriously. He may have been an artist on the original Metroid game, but he’s not the series kingpin with a flawless vision for how the franchise should work. He’s not the not the series creator nor the guy who should be writing the story.

And if you need proof of that… well, look at Metroid Other M. That was exactly what he wanted a Metroid game to be, and the story turned out to be a bit of a train wreck. It was everything the fans didn’t want from a Metroid story. With a Samus portrayal miles from what the fans expected.

Contrast to the Prime series, which Sakamoto had limited involvement in. That was extremely well received and had the best selling games in the entire series.

So if you do decide to adapt Metroid… base it more on that. Or on the original games on the NES and SNES.

Because that’s the version of Metroid that sells. The version people will actually want as a TV series.

Good luck, and I do hope you succeed in getting to make a Metroid adaptation!


Castlevania TV Series Producer Adi Shankar Review (Nintendo Life)


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5 years ago

I don’t know how the Castlevania TV producer feels about Sakamoto but I can sadly easily see the latter (and probably with Nintendo rooting for him) wanting to have as much involment as he possibly can in an animated Metroid TV series. Seeing as how Sakamoto is, truly wrongfully, seen as the series’ “father” or some crap like that by the gaming world it would be very difficult to keep him out of the development process. Of course even without Sakamoto there is no garuntae that Nintendo’s other ‘big bosses’, should they get involved somehow, won’t mess up Samus’ personality,… Read more »