The Capsule Silence Meltdown is Just a Marketing Stunt

Well, it seems we may have been a bit too hasty posting the last story, since evidence has been found that something isn’t quite right with the whole Anamanaguchi game leak thing.

In simple terms, there’s now a fair bit of evidence suggesting that this meltdown is actually a carefully done viral marketing stunt. In other words, they’re hoping the media takes the bait and posts the story thinking its real, in order to drive more downloads of their upcoming game.

So where’s the evidence for this? Well, look at the whois info for one thing. As someone on the subreddit for Anamanaguchi has pointed out, it sometimes lists band member Peter Berkman as the main contact:

As can be seen here on –

Yeah, that’s pretty suspicious, isn’t it? Presumably NHX/Anamanaguchi think so too, since other whois listings have it changed to a mystery man called Mitchell Thule. Unfortunately, they missed this one for some reason. The mobile number also seems to match the one used for the band’s website.

Other evidence against NHX being an ‘independent’ company is stacking up as well. For example, despite apparently being in the video game industry for a while, there’s very little you can find out about them on Google. Indeed, searching for ‘NHX game developer’ or ‘’ or anything else of a similar nature brings up absolutely nothing of interest in the search engine. Kind of odd for a company with any real presence, isn’t it? I mean, you’ve got fan game and ROM hack developers with more visibility than these guys, and those people aren’t even trying to draw attention to themselves.

Their ‘leaked’ song is on that domain too. Which isn’t as suspicious as it could be (an awful lot of big companies tend to run internal networks where they share these types of resources), but’s still kind of odd given their rather public ‘falling out’ with said organisation.

The ‘Leaked’ Song Download Link –

There’s also an ‘’ site, which seems to secretly contain some music for another one of the band’s projects. If you search it, that brings you to this interesting forum thread:

Anarchy Forum Project – Sheeky Forums

That one references a collaboration with Anamanaguchi, some talk about the topic creator being ‘tired of this crap’ and a whole big list of leaked downloads released in a tone suspiciously like the one in their recent Twitter ‘meltdown’. Are you really telling me that history will repeat itself to a tee twice in just three years?

But yeah, the evidence seems fairly clear now; this isn’t a genuine developer/musician fallout, this is a viral marketing stunt meant to promote a new game. After all, things like the Whois info, the suspiciously empty site and the same pattern happening about three years ago seem too suspicious for it to not be a hoax. Nice try you guys, and good job getting us and Destructoid to write about your fictional meltdown, but I’m pretty sure it’s all just a viral marketing stunt now!