Billy Mitchell Banned from Twin Galaxies, Donkey Kong Records Removed

The last few months not been kind to Twin Galaxies. First suspicions were raised about Todd Rogers, leading to his scores being taken down after they were proven impossible. Then the site itself came under fire, with comments from ex staffers claiming that certain referees were biased or willing to look the other way for famous players.

And now it seems another famous player has been caught cheating as well. This time, it’s Billy Mitchell himself.

Yup, the King of Kong star himself is the latest player to be found to have submitted questionable scores to the site. This time, thanks to his records seemingly being recorded in an emulator instead of on the original hardware:

That’s against Twin Galaxies rules (as well as various community norms in general), hence the scores got removed and Mitchell banned from submitting any others in future.

It’s quite the fall from grace for everyone concerned. One minute Mitchell is at the top of the world as one of the most well-known gamers in existence, next minute Twin Galaxies bans him for life and removes his scores.

Either way, the decision is made. Mitchell’s high score has been nullified, Steve Wiebe is now the official 1st million-point record holder for Donkey Kong and Twin Galaxies has removed another questionable case from its site.

Let’s hope they continue to root out these dubious records in future!


Billy Mitchell’s Scores Removed from Twin Galaxies (Twin Galaxies Dispute Text)


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