An Update on Gaming Reinvented

As you may have noticed, Gaming Reinvented (and other sites hosted on the same server, like Wario Forums) were down for the last few days. Caused by a server reboot after routine maintenance by our site host, this error led to various sites either redirecting to our GitLab install or simply going to an error page.

However, while these issues have now been resolved, we’d like to share with you some information on the future of Gaming Reinvented, and the plans for this site in future.

Put simply, this site will not be continuing as a standard gaming news site. It’ll still always have gaming news and articles in some form, but as we’ve mentioned before, gaming journalism simply isn’t sustainable nowadays. And when the staff have other jobs to do, or when the site has plans to become more than just another gaming blog, this becomes even more apparent.

So fairly soon, we’re restructuring the site. This restructure will change it from a traditional gaming news site with typical news and features to more of a platform, where normal users can post their own articles and videos about video games. In other words, less a GoNintendo or Kotaku or IGN type gaming site, more one similar to Reddit or Medium or whatever else. Except you know, with the focus being on content hosted on the site rather than links to content posted elsewhere.

What’s more, it’s also going to implement a fairly revolutionary payment system. No, it doesn’t mean the whole site will end up subscription only or paid, but what it does mean is that authors will be able to set their own payment methods and terms for content, rather than relying on an administrative team to do it for them. Want to write articles for Gaming Reinvented and give them away for free? That’ll be entirely possible, and you don’t even have to include any ads alongside them! Think you should be compensated for your work and want people to pay to read it? That’s fine too, and they’ll be plenty of ways that people can pay the money safely and securely. And if you’re simply a bit paranoid and want to post an article that only the registered users can read, that will also be a feature supported by the platform.

And all this will be done without compromising the site in terms of journalistic ethics or credibility. All usages of review copies, personal assocations with the company or individuals behind a game or other questionable things will be pointed out on top of the article in a very bold, clear warning that says exactly what went on behind the scenes. Not filling this warning out when any situation other than ‘I bought the game and played it’ or ‘I used information read online’ is in play, and your account will get a warning. Too many of these will get the account suspended or banned.

We’ll also be moderating the site fairly lightly too. Okay, quality control will definitely exist, and articles which have had minimal effort put into them will be removed alongside spam and illegal content, but political, social and religious views will not be grounds for any articles, reviews or videos being rejected or removed. Don’t like the recent censorship in games like Fire Emblem Fates? Fine, go ahead and post something illustrating your views on why video game censorship is a terrible thing. Think the opposite and consider the changes in Fire Emblem Fates or Xenoblade Chronicles as amazing? Again, that’s fine too. We may not agree with you, and you’ll probably get some criticism for saying that online, but Gaming Reinvented is not going to be censoring you for ‘wrongthink’. Regardless of whether you’re a GamerGate supporter or opponent, or are pro/anti freedom of speech and expression in games.

There will also be no content ID, or other automated take down crap. If a company wants to force someone to take down an article or video, they can go through the proper channels for it, not force their opinions on a service that’s more interested in being a corporate doormat than actually standing by its users.

So that’s the new plan for Gaming Reinvented. Will everyone like it? Probably not, since any form of change whatsoever tends to go down like a lead balloon on the internet. But unfortunately, the standard gaming journalism route isn’t really working out for the site, and hence we’d rather try something a bit different (and potentially revolutionary) instead of more of the same.

What do you think of the new plans?


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