Amiibo could cost you over $1000!

Amiibo collecting is already pretty difficult due to Nintendo’s stock mismanagement, but did you know it’s also ridiculously expensive too?

According to this interesting break down on Random Nerds, collecting all the Amiibos are out there at the moment could set you back well over $1000, and that’s only if you get them at the asking price!  Here’s the break down:

So yeah, looks like this could become quite the expensive hobby if you’re interested in getting them all.  What’s more, given that only normal figures are included (and Animal Crossing comes with a ton of Amiibo cards too), and that nothing related to Pokemon has been announced on the Amiibo front, it seems quite possible these costs could more than triple in the foreseeable future.

But what do you think?  You willing to spend over a thousand dollars on these figures?


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