A Main Series Pokemon Game is Coming to the Switch!

When Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced, there was a more than a bit of disappointment among the fanbase. They said the 3DS was dying, and Game Freak were crazy to release a new game on it. They said the Switch needed support, and these games could have provided it.

Heck, in some cases they even jumped to the worst conclusion altogether. That somehow, Game Freak would not release Pokemon on Switch. That somehow, the series would remain 3DS exclusive even as the Switch continued. Like the company were adamantly against new Pokemon games on the platform.

Fortunately though, it seems the doubters were wrong. Why? Because it turns out Game Freak is working on a full blown main series Pokemon RPG for the Switch!

Here’s the video from E3 2017 where they announce it:

Again, there’s not much here. Just a comment that it’s coming and that Pokemon fans will have a reason to buy a Switch soon.

But it’s good news for everyone regardless. For Pokemon fans, it means the days of playing the console on a weak handheld system are finally at their end. So if you didn’t like Sun and Moon’s rough looking aesthetics… well, there’s no excuse for the graphics to look quite as awkward as that ever again.

For Nintendo themselves on the other hand, it’s basically the best advertisement the Nintendo Switch will ever get. Remenber, Pokemon still sells ridiculously well. Like, at around 10-20 million copies per generation well.

So by releasing a Switch one, it means the console has practically a 100% chance of success. Heck, even if it does pretty poor by Pokemon standards (like the 16 million copies sold of Ruby and Sapphire on GBA), that means at least 10 million more Nintendo Switch sales. It’ll blow both Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey out of the water on a sales level!

Either way though, it’s happening. We’re seeing a main series Pokemon game on the Nintendo Switch!


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