Mario & Luigi Dream Team Walkthrough; Reassembling the Ultibed

Pajamaja Rock Frame

First part up… and it’s on Mount Pajamaja.  Ah great, we’re back to this place again, the place we already spent a ridiculous amount of time getting through just a couple of hours ago.  Still, it’s not that far out of the way, and there are no bosses to encounter enroute, so head back to the mountain and keep following the path upwards.

As you go, you’ll see some Shelltops directing people to a ‘new tour’ on the mountain.  And who do you think holds all the tours on this mountain!

Yes, it’s the Massif Bros again!  You’ll meet them in a lava filled cavern, so when you do, follow them across the rope bridge to the right.

In here, they’ll teach Mario and Luigi yet another new overworld ability.  This one is called the Bros Ball, and it allows them to turn into a ball and bounce around to reach higher ledges!  It’s going to be rather useful for the rest of the Ultibed Quest and adventure in general, so you’d better get used to it quickly.

Now use your new ability to bounce up the steps to the right, and jump across the small spikes in the floor.  With that done, do you notice those dangerous looking platforms in the lava to the north?

Yeah, you’re not going to be able to cross those normally.  Instead, use your Bros Ball ability again and bounce across them like a spring, which gets you across nice and easily!  With the precarious ledges navigated, bounce up to the next ledge.

This ledge has a rope bridge to the north, so cross it normally.  You’re outside the mountain now, so head up to find some Viruses and some high steps to climb.  Again, you’ll see the Massif Bros at the top of the area here, so use a mixture of your Bros Ball ability and drill ability to get across the ledges, heading up until you end up on the snowy cliff to the right.

With that done, head right to a new area.

This place is yet another snow covered place, kind of like the summit from the first climb. Go right with your Bros Ball attack (jumping up the ledges as you go, and you’ll come across a yellow warp pipe and some steps.  Activate the pipe like usual to provide a shortcut to this place in case you want to come back in the future, and then go up the steps to find the Massif Bros again.

You’ll see them trying to jump through some rings that appear on the floor.  Watch them fail at this simple task for a bit, and then use your Bros Ball ability to bounce through each of the rings that appears in order without touching either the ring or the ground outside the markings on the floor.  After you’ve done that for a while, the door itself will start glowing, so jump into the ball shaped slot in the door to open it.

Now that’s done, you’ll also be surprised to find that the Massif Bros will actually reward you for this task by giving you all ten Attack Pieces for the Slingsniper!  Yeah, a free Bros Attack (and a pretty powerful one too) that can be used in battles for the rest of the game!  It’s a very welcome gift for those people tired of hunting down those special blocks in every area.

Once you’ve gotten that attack, enter the door to find a cave.  Climb up towards the top, and you’ll find the Pajamaja Rock Frame towards the back. However…

It’s been hit by a Nightmare Chunk and taken for granite, kind of like all the Pi’illos you’ve encountered throughout the adventure.  You know what to do, right?  Time to enter the Dream World and put it right!

In here, just shatter the giant Nightmare Chunk with your Luiginary Ball abilities (the area has no enemies and at best has a very simple ‘puzzle’ to solve) to get the Pajamaja Rock Frame.  One Ultibed part down, just four to go!

Dozing Mattress

Next up is the Dozing Mattress.  This time, you have to head off to Dozing Sands and explore a new area to get it, so follow these instructions to find it easily.

To start, head to the entrance of Dozing Sands and make your way back to that ‘Dream Stone Shrine’ area, the one where you went to find the Dream Stone Soul.  Now, go right to reach a new screen and then once more to see Britta and some Shelltops attempting to get past a high wall.

After a short conversation, use your Bros Ball move to bounce over and head into the new area.  This place now has Viruses and Bandits running about, so defeat or avoid them and head right to a new screen with a Yellow Pipe.

Use it to activate a warp pipe shortcut, then exit back to the same place again.    Now, notice that tall ledge with a pipe like object to the right of it?  Get up there with the Bros Ball, and use your Drill move into the pipe.

This object is a rising pipe, which moves up one ‘block’ at a set interval and then goes back down after it reaches its peak.  So wait until it gets to the top, then press B to be shot over to the green pipe.  Head down it to reach a cave.

In this dank cavern, head right to find another pipe like shooter you can enter with the drill ability.  Again, press B at the mechanisms peak to be shot over to a ledge to the right.  Now up here, just jump across the gaps in the path until you get to the other side of the room.  You’ll know if you’re going the right way when you see a Virus wandering about trying to kill you.

Either way, keep going right, and you’ll see a Save Block next to an open cave.  Head inside.

This place is a multi level cavern, which is the holding place for the Dozing Mattress.  Go right here, and you’ll see some sort of rainbow coloured liquid drippin down in a column, which Dreambert says it what forms the mattress.  Keep going to reach a ‘fork’ in the road.

Either way is fine here, they both lead to the place you need to reach.  If you take the top route, just go in the pipe at the end to be transported to the bottom floor of the cavern.  If you take the other one, simply drop down the hole in the floor instead.

Regardless, you’ll end up seeing another pipe like object nearby.  This one however has a clock symbol on the front.  And instead of automatically going up, with B being used to fire, this one is made to rise up when you mash the B button and fire when the timer runs out.  So use your drill ability to enter the pipe, enter press B until it’s lined up with the bottommost gap in the left wall.  Keep pressing B to keep the spotlight shining at said poin, and the Mario bros will be shot through the gap to the location of the Mattress.

However, it’s not here!  Instead, there’s another Dream Point.  Use it.

This takes you to another Dozing Sands inspired Dream World, where you’ll find the Mattress in plain sight!  Unfortunately… you’ll find that Mario has fell about fifty feet below the entrance portal and must find a new way to get back up!  So head down the green pipe in the floor to a new room.

This place has the Luiginary Gravity thing in place, the same Luiginary Work you used to flip gravity in Dreamy Driftwood Shore.  Change gravity so it’s pointing to the left, then change it so it’s pointing upwards to allow you to enter the green pipe on the roof.

In here is another room.  In theory, you’re supposed to use the pipes littered around the area to reach a new room and then flip the gravity in a certain way to enter the pipe to the left after using the passageway opposite it.

In practice though… that ledge with the breakable rock is just a single PIXEL or so too wide.  Hence all you need to do is change gravity so it points down like normal, then drop down in front of the breakable rock.  Change gravity so it’s pointing to the left, and enter the pipe to reach the Dream Portal again.  Exit back to the real world.

With the Dozing Mattress now in your possession, head out the cave, and use the yellow warp pipe to go to Pi’illo Castle.

Zeekeeper’s Feathers

And now for something nice and easy!  Yes, to get the Zeekeeper’s Feathers, you don’t have to go exploring any uncharted territory, fighting any dangerous enemies (well, sort of) or even do anything particularly complex!

Instead, head back to Pi’illo Castle.  Here, go north to the next room, then enter the first door on the right to see a boxing ring with a Dream Point in the middle.  Use it to enter the Battle Ring.

This place has you fight various bosses and giant bosses you defeated in the main quest, except in their stronger ‘X’ forms.  And to get those feathers, you’ll need to take down the very first normal Battle Ring boss, the not so powerful Grobot X!

Well, you know what to do here, it’s pretty much the same thing you fought back in Mushrise Park that time ago.  Except now, you’ve got a ton of cool attacks to take it down with, so unleash them all on it and win to get the Zeekeeper’s Feathers.

Mushrise Tree Board

The next part you need is the Mushrise Tree Board, and as you may have likely guessed, it lies within Mushrise Park. So from the entrance of Pi’illo Castle, head down and enter the park as usual.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a cutscene showing Brickle (the park manager you assisted earlier near the beginning of the game) wondering what to do with all those rocks that have fell across the area.  And as you may have figured, the task of breaking them is going to be down to the Mario bros (heck, Brickle even says he’ll get ‘those guys’ to do it).

With that scene out the way, head down to the fountain to find Brickle.  Talk to him, and after a short conversation where he confirms he has the Mushrise Tree Board, you get given the job of breaking a few rocks scattered across the park.  Oh, did I say a few rocks?  Actually I meant 35 rocks.  So you’d better get cracking!

The first batch of rocks are in the area to the top right of the park, in the screen below the one used to enter Somnom Woods.  So go back up one screen from where you meet Brickle, and go right past the area where you first got the hammers early in the game.  Here, if you keep walking right past the fountain and springy Mushrooms, you should a Brock standing near a bridge to another area.  Talk to him and he’ll move out the way, letting you enter this new area.

As is the rule with this quest, this place has stronger enemies than the surrounding places do, with the usual Fly Guy Rs and Viruses wandering around to make things difficult.  You should know how to take out both of these monsters by now.


Driftwood Jellyfish Sheets

Finally, here’s the last piece of the Ultibed you need to get, the Driftwood Jellyfish Sheets.

As you may have guessed from the name, these are in Driftwood Shore.  And as you may also have guessed, that very suspicious like rock wall with the markings on near the Mole Hunt guy isn’t just for decoration.  But first, take any yellow warp pipe and use it to reach the ‘Driftwood Shore Shop Area’.

Why here you may be wondering?  Because to open that mysterious wall, you’ll need an item.  And to get that thing?  You need to speak to Broque Madame again.

So head through the Rose Broquet place to Broque Madame, and speak to her.  After a short cut scene where the party asks about the Ultibed piece, you’ll receive a strange item called an ‘Old Lithograph’.  What’s a lithograph?  Well, it’s basically a rock with text or other stuff printed on it.  And this one has the entry code to a ‘pirate hideout’ on the front, done in Ancient Pi’illo Kingdom text.

Now you have this, head back to the Mole Hunt area on the beach and go back towards that mysterious rock wall you likely saw earlier.  Examine it to have Dreambert read out the text on the lithograph, opening the entrance to the cave.

Unfortunately for you, it turns out someone (or something) is watching them go in.  Is something about to go wrong soon?  Oh you better be sure it is, nothing’s that simple in the Mario & Luigi series.  When that scene’s over, the camera will cut back to Mario and Luigi in the cave.

Wow, this place looks pretty creepy and mysterious! It’s also positively filled with more Viruses and Hermite Crab Rs, both the kind of fairly tough endgame enemies you’d expect to see at this point.  So head left to begin with until you reach a new area.

In here, you’ll see a bridge you can’t cross and a button on an island in the middle.  How to reach said button?  Head round of course!  So follow the path north and go to the right to end up north of the cave’s entrance, in a previously inaccessible area.

You’ll soon see a tiny opening that only Mini Mario can go through.  So shrink him down like usual and have him go through to the left.

Follow this path and hit the switch with Mini Mario to lower the bridge to the left of the second room.  Jeez, they sure do making us walk around the same room multiple times, don’t they?  So head back right to where Luigi is and make Mario normal size again, and then head to the left again to reach the second cave room, the one where the bridge fell down.

Cross said bridge, and you’ll be in another open area.  Dodge or fight the tougher Hermite Crab Rs again, then ask yourself one question;

Do you want to save another Pi’illo?  If so, head north and jump across the ledges to find one, and save it like usual (the Dream World has quite a few enemies from the main Dreamy Driftwood Shore area in too).  If not (or once you’ve saved said Pi’illo), head along the path to the left of this area.

This takes you to a new room.  It also introduces a puzzle you’ll have to get pretty good at in this game, bouncing through rings on a one way obstacle course in Bros Ball form!  So stand on the specially marked circle icon, then become that form.  Go through the rings and across the disappearing ledges to reach the high ledge on the other side.

Now, use your drill form to get through the gap to the left.  You can also spin jump round the opening by heading south, then left and then north.

Once you’re the other side, you’ll see the Jellyfish Sheets right there in front of you!  Is your quest for the Ultibed parts now over?

Well not quite.  Instead, some mysterious Fly Guy R Thieves will steal the sheets away and run out the cave!  Head back the way you came and follow them!

Unfortunately, once you do exit, you’ll find they’re nowhere to be seen!  And they’ve knocked over the Mole Hunter operator guy in the process!  Can you figure out just where this is going?

Yeah… he’s not going to tell us the location of the thieves without another game of Mole Hunt!  Because as we all know, everyone loved that mini game the first time around!  So take on his game and win…

To find that he doesn’t have a clue!  Well not really, he tells us that ‘he heard them mention something about getting a Blimp’.  So off to the Pi’illo Blimport, the place where this whole game started!

Note: You HAVE to beat Mole Hunt here.  Yes, you know that the thieves appear at the Blimport now you’ve read it in a guide.  But they don’t actually spawn at the Blimport until you actually win the mini game, so don’t try and skip it and be clever, since you literally can’t progress without playing the damn thing.

And with the location figured out, head to the entrance of Mushrise Park.  Now, go north across the bridge towards Pi’illo Castle and head left, until eventually you meet the Fly Guy R Thieves a couple of screens west of the castle.  You’ll see a cut scene where Dreambert and Starlow distract them (with ‘interesting’ gossip about Bowser) and the Mario bros take back the sheets…

At which point they’ll turn around and attack!  Yeah, it’s… sort of a boss battle.  Sort of in that while the music is that of a boss encounter and the boss intro animation plays beforehand, the Fly Guy Rs themselves are actually incredibly weak to the point they’ve got identical stats to the ones you fought in Mushrise Park!  Just pound them into dust with Bros Attacks to end the battle and finally get the last of the Ultibed parts.

Finding Pi’illoper and Bedsmith

Now you have all the Ultibed parts, head back towards Wakeport.  Here, head towards the Tour Centre, and you’ll see a few steps to the left side. Climb up them until you’re on the roof of the centre, and you’ll see a ledge that’s too high to jump too normally.  Use the Bros Ball ability you learnt at Mount Pajamaja to jump onto this ledge, and then keep on following the wall round to the north of the area to a new screen.

In here, you’ll see an island on the other side of a bay.  That’s where we need to head to, so go left down the steps down the stone steps to find a Virus roaming about.  This is the only such enemy in Wakeport, so either battle or avoid it and keep going right, avoiding the Hermite Crab Rs as you go.

Head north across the wooden bridge to the island.

Here, you’ll soon encounter Popple suspiciously lurking around as well as a Wiggler wandering around to the right.  Talk to him, and he’ll try and persuade the Mario bros that this Wiggler is some security guard for the Pi’illo collector, before getting Mario and Luigi to battle it.  This results in yet another boss battle.

Boss: Wiggler and Popple

Read my entry about this boss in the boss guide to figure out how to win this battle.

Once Wiggler and Popple are defeated, keep going right until you see some stairs.  Bounce up to the top of these stairs using the Bros Ball, and then spin jump to the right to end up on top of another wall.  Up here, hit the block to make an elevator appear for a shortcut (in case you fall a bit later on), and then head north along the wall.

You’ll eventually come across a strange symbol on the floor and a ring.  Use your Bros Ball ability to jump through the ring, then follow the rings as they appear to get to the other side of the gap and end up on another part of the wall.  Follow the path downwards here until you end up back in the part of Wakeport with the tour centre (passing a Pi’illo as you go) and then enter the building at the end from the top floor.

In here, you’ll meet Pi’illoper, the Pi’illo collector.  This character collects Pi’illos and Pi’illo related artifacts from around the island and will offer to show you his collection after Mario and co show him the Ultibed parts they’ve collected.  Head down off the ledge and enter the now revealed green pipe to enter the house’s basement.

In this place, follow the stairs down to the bottom of the area, and you’ll be shown a Pi’illo that Pi’illoper has collected on his travels.  This turns out to be Bedsmith’s pillow, so use it to enter Dreamy Wakeport for the second time.

Now read ‘The Return to Dreamy Wakeport’ for information on what to do next…