Mario Kart 7 Community

Do you think you’re a really good Mario Kart player and have a fair amount of experience playing online?  Well try your luck in our Mario Kart 7 community and take up some real decent opponents!

Now if you don’t know how this works, you start up Mario Kart 7, go to the online options and then communities, and enter the following code:


Or perhaps this one:


Yes, it’s new as of this point in time, but that’s because the past communities had various troublemakers and people with poor connections who really hampered the racing experience.

Be warned however, we have some really good Mario Kart 7 players, some of which have records the likes of which could rank in the world record lists.  And some people with over 10 000 VR and a ridiculously high wins to losses ratio.  But if you want to take us on, go ahead and try.  We’ll be waiting…