Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Item Guide

Here’s a list of all the items you can get in Mario & Luigi Dream Team, as well as what they do.  Hope it’s useful.

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But a list of items on it’s own isn’t really enough for a page.  So here’s some other information about the items, such as where the shops that you can buy them from are located and such like.

Shop Locations

‘Real World’

Here are all normal/real world shop locations in the game.

Pi’illo Castle: Enter the castle through the front door, then go through the door to the right to find the Item and Gear shop.

Mushrise Park: Go down and to the right from the Pi’illo Castle side entrance (or straight down from where the yellow pipe brings you) to find a mobile shop selling items and gear.

Dozing Sands: The item/gear shop is to the left of the sign near the entrance, but there doesn’t seem to be another shop in the actual desert.  Area 2 or so does have another badge shop though.

Wakeport: From the main entrance, head down through the first area and into the next ‘screen’ to find the gear, item and badge shops in plain sight with signs out front.

Mount Pajamja: You can find the shop here to the right side of the second area accessed from the south, aka the screen directly north of the yellow warp pipe.

Driftwood Shore: Enter the large building next to the yellow pipe, the one where you go to meet Princess Peach after Bowser and Antasma’s flying castle appears for the first time.  The item shop to the right can be used by anyone, but you’ll need to achieve Rainbow Rank (level 40) to buy gear in the shop opposite.

Neo Bowser Castle: The shop is located directly outside the castle entrance, to the left.  You even see the shopkeeper rush in to set up a store the moment the castle comes crashing down.

Dream World

Here are all dream world shop locations.

Dreamy Pi’illo Castle: Get to the first save block, then go right to the next area.  From here, go through the first door you come across to find a shop staffed by Broque Monsieur.

Dreamy Mushrise Park: Right next to where you start.  The shop is apparently run by Brickle.

Dreamy Dozing Sands: Go down the pipe to the left of where you start to reach this shop.

Dreamy Wakeport (version 1): You’ll find this shop right near where you enter the area and in plain sight.

Dreamy Mount Pajamaja: The shop is right next to the starting point.  The Massifs are the shopkeepers here.

Dreamy Driftwood Shore: Enter the purple pipe with the lipstick symbol to find this shop, with Broque Madame as the saleswoman.

Dreamy Somnom Woods: I don’t think this place has a shop unfortunately.

Dreamy Neo Bowser Castle: No shops here either.

Bowser’s Dream: Go through the door directly in front of you to reach the last shop in the game, run by Broque Monsieur for some unknown reason.

Items by Category

The items are all categorised in the menu.  Here’s a list of categories and what items belong to them:


  1. Mushrooms
  2. Super Mushrooms
  3. Ultra Mushrooms
  4. Max Mushrooms
  5. Candies
  6. Super Candies
  7. Ultra Candies
  8. Max Candies
  9. 1-Up Mushrooms
  10. 1-Up Deluxes


  1. Nut
  2. Super Nut
  3. Ultra Nut
  4. Max Nut

Syrup Jars

  1. Syrup Jar
  2. Supersyrup Jar
  3. Ultrasyrup Jar
  4. Max Syrup Jar
  5. Candies
  6. Super Candies
  7. Ultra Candies
  8. Max Candies


All types of beans


  1. Refreshing Herbs
  2. Taunt Balls
  3. Shock Bombs
  4. Boo Biscuits
  5. Secret Boxes

And that’s all the information about Mario & Luigi Dream Team that I could find.  Hope it’s useful to someone!