Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Expert Challenges

In Mario & Luigi Dream Team, various optional challenges exist that can be completed for rewards.  These take the form of various things you can do in game, with such concepts as ‘avoid ten enemy attacks in a row in a certain location’ or ‘finish a battle with a certain enemy without getting hit by it.  So here’s a list of all Expert Challenges in the game, as well as the rewards you get for them and tips on the more annoying/confusing ones.

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List of Rewards

Here’s what you get for completing these challenges and how many points you need to get them.

  1. Expert Boots / Challenge Boots: 20 points
  2. POW Scarf: 50 points
  3. Expert Wear / Challenge Wear: 90 points
  4. Perfect POW Gloves: 140 points
  5. BP Knockout Bangle / BP Knock-out Bangle: 200 points
  6. Expert Hammer / Challenge Hammer: 300 points
  7. Birthday Boots / DoB Boots: 450 points
  8. Golden Hammer: 600 points
  9. Master Gloves / Pro Gloves: 800 points
  10. Duplex Crown: 1000 points (aka all challenges complete)