Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Enemy Respawn Guide

When it comes to level grinding, Mario & Luigi Dream Team is not an easy game to do this in.  This is because unlike many RPGs, the game’s enemy respawn mechanics seem rather slow.  But now, thanks to a bit of testing in Neo Bowser Castle, I’ve figured out whole this whole mechanic works!

Turns out you just need to kill twelve enemies after the first to make the first reappear again, and then enemies will reappear in the order you defeated them as you kill more monsters after that.

You also have to be in a different room at the time, so if the last enemy you defeat is in the same area as the one that’s going to respawn, then it won’t happen until you leave the area and come back again.

Hopefully this makes level grinding much easier, since you now know that you need to defeat enemies in groups of twelve to make them respawn quicker.