Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Bowser’s Dream Guide

Yes, it’s finally here!  Bowser’s Dream is the last Dream World dungeon of the entire game and the final place where you get to mess around with Luiginary abilities and attempt to solve puzzles in a 2D space.  Past this point?  The finale and the villains of the game, with no more Dream World gameplay to speak of.

But Bowser’s Dream is a difficult place to navigate, as you may expect of a mental landscape forged by an insane tyrant.  Filled with lava, the toughest dream enemies around and even an epic conclusion at its end in the form of a boss battle, the place is a pretty tough final Dream World to explore, and so many people will need some help.  And so here it is, a walkthrough for Bowser’s Dream in Mario & Luigi Dream Team.

From the start, go left to the new area.  There is also a door here,  that just leads a shop run by Broque Monsieur for if you need any last minute gear or items for the battles that await.  Either way, go left to the next area.

In here, you finally see Bowser himself.  As you may expect, he’s not particularly happy about how Mario and Luigi have infiltrated his mind in their quest to stop him, so after a cut scene he summons a giant spike ball that chases you towards the left of the area.  Keep running left and jumping across the lava pits, and go down the green pipe at the end.

This leads to another area, with a Luiginary Work in the background.  Make Luigi enter the Luiginary Work to activate the Luiginary Stack, and then jump up to the top of the platform.

Now, see those pipes spewing out hot lava, like the ones you disabled earlier in Neo Bowser Castle’s other dream worlds?  Yeah, you want to avoid getting hit by those again, and break through the blocks nearby with a ground pound.  Once that’s done and you reach the bottom, head right to the next area.

This room is the first of two enemy gauntlets.  These areas have about 10 different groups of monsters you need to defeat as you climb up diagonal platforms, mostly consisting of Spinies, Antasmans and Big Tail Goombas.  Defeat the enemies and make your way to the top of the area, heading right when you do so.

The next area has a giant bowling ball type thing rolling towards you.  How to get past it?  Well, activate the Luiginary Work in the background to use the Luiginary Stack, then change to the Luiginary Ball.  With that done, press A to use the Ball Hammer and smack the crack in the bowling ball as hard as possible to damage it.  Do this a few times to destroy it (it’ll then never respawn even after you leave and re-enter this Dream World) and then head right to the next area.

Another enemy gauntlet awaits here, with much of the same enemies.  Head up to the top left, defeating the Antasmans, Spinies and Big Tail Goombas as you go.

In here is a long pit of spikes, some platforms and a Luiginary Work in the background.  You know the drill, use the Luiginary Work to become the Luiginary Stack, but this time switch to the Luiginary Cone.  You see, your goal here is to use the Spin Jump and make your way left.  In the way however, are two flame spewing pipes and one hell of a long spike pit.  You need to find a way past this.

So what’s the answer?  Simple.  First, stand as far left on the platform as possible, then jump to the next one.  Here, wait until you hear the flame pipe stop shooting flames, then spin jump past it. Now, keep jumping in mid air to stay up while the next pipe activates, and once it then turns off head past to the safe ground on the other side. Really, there are two ways past these pipes, either head past the first one immediately and wait for the second to stop before going by, or wait for the first to start, spin jump past quickly and keep going past the second pipe before it starts up again.  It’s not too hard to time.

Once you’ve got past these two pipes and landed safely, enter the door.

This brings you to a new area, with another long spike pit and the same Luiginary Work in the background.  Use it again, then become the Luiginary Ball.  Once you’ve become that, carefully roll to the edge of the past, press A and send the ball flying left, which will then break the blocks at the end before returning.  That’s not necessary, it just makes crossing the pit much easier to time.

After that, switch to the Luiginary Cone, and head for the first platform.  See those Bowser faces that appeared?  Yes, they generally mark the location of a platform you can land on, so use your Luiginary spin jump to get from hidden platform to hidden platform, then neatly glide to safe ground on the right of the room.  Now, exit the area to the right to reach the next part of this place.

Here, is a Luiginary Ball trial room of sorts.  Use the Luiginary Work immediately, then switch to it.  Now, use the Hookshot to grab onto the hooks above, using them to land safely on the various platforms and avoid the flame pipes.  Once you’ve got up three or so areas with this (and you can see two flame pipes opposite one another), switch to the Luiginary Stack and press A to jump up past them to the uppermost level of the room.  Head left to a new area.

In this place is a creepy Antasma shaped door, a passage that goes left and a Save Block.  Ooh, nice warning!  First of all, head left to the passage to end up near the start of the area, and hit the switch to drop down the bridge to the right of the portal.  This provides you with a nice shortcut back to this area if you ever have to leave to get gear or do sidequests or whatever, to avoid you going through the whole damn Dream World again.

Once you’ve done this, head back to left and enter the creepy door.

No, there’s no boss yet!  Instead, you’ll hear a mysterious sound, before seeing what looks like a stream of huge cannonballs crashing down to the left.  There’s also a Luiginary Work here, so use it to get the Luiginary Stack.

Now, head left, and jump up, straight through the falling cannonballs (which will break if a jumping Luiginary Stack hits them).  You’ll land on another ledge, so do this again to get through the cannonballs quickly (since otherwise the stack will fall apart and Mario will end up back on the bottom again).  This will take you to an empty area with a cannon to the right.  Enter and….

You’ll end up seeing a cut scene with Bowser and his minions!  Oh boy, this is not going to end well, especially now that Mario and Luigi have entered the picture!  Watch him eat a ton of meat (and everything else in sight), and he’ll fall off the ledge ‘to his death’.  Does anyone believe that?

Thought not, way too anticlimatic for the final Dream World Bowser encounter.

Instead, Bowser appears bigger than ever!  And Kamek makes him even more powerful!  You know what this means, giant battle time!

Boss: Giant Bowser

For information on this fight and how to win, see the final entry in the Boss Guide:

Or watch this video on Youtube that someone uploaded:

Either should help you figure out how to win.

<- Boss Stuff Ends here –>

And that’s it for Bowser’s Dream!  Once you’ve done with the giant Bowser battle, just save your game, run back to the right to get down to the area with the (now blocked off) cannon, and head left and down the pit to end up near the falling cannonballs.  Go through the ominous door, then through to the left and out via the Dream World portal to get back to Neo Bowser Castle, the way to the final battles now open!