Mario & Luigi Dream Team; Badges

Another feature in Mario & Luigi Dream Team (returning from the last few games in the series) is the badge system.  Basically, you find or buy various badges, and equip two at once for different effects.  This is done by filling the badge meter at the top (via getting Excellent ratings or the like) then pressing the touch screen icon when it appears.

But there’s quite a few interesting badges, so here’s a nice chart saying what badge combos have what effects:

[table id=24 /]

As you can see, some effects are better than others.  So what are my recommendations?  These:

  1. Miracle Badge + Gold Badge.  Stopping time is really, really useful, lets you finish off even the final boss before it can move.  Also, lets you avoid a certain mystery opponents Bros Attack stealing trick in the Battle Ring, since he can’t counter when the badge is in action.
  2. Guard Badge + Gold Badge.  Increased POW is definitely a good thing in some of the later fights.
  3. Guard Badge + Master Badge.  No damage from the next 6 attacks?  That’s pretty much like having a Super Star/Starman in the main series!
  4. Guard Badge + Expert Badge.  Not being able to be KOed/die is useful as hell.

So those are my recommendations.  Try out all combos though, including the Risk Badge ones (if you’re playing a self imposed challenge run)!