Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon; Haunted Towers Walkthrough

Haunted Towers

The second mansion Luigi explores in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Haunted Towers is a four story house built around a giant tree and filled with many deadly plant specimens.  It’s a far cry from the Gloomy Manor in terms of design and gimmicks, but it’s arguably an even better designed location than any you’ve been to before.  Here’s how to complete the missions here.


B-1 A Job for a Plumber

Well, who’d have thought it?  Luigi’s job as a plumber might actually come in handy in this area given that the water supply seems to have stopped working.  You’ll start outside the towers in a small yard.

Unfortunately though, something else seems to have gone missing here too; the front gate key.  Grab it by using the Strobulb on one of the flowers near the entrance, then open the door to the courtyard.

In here, you can check the door to the right to find the Hydro Generator, which has been completely shut down due to a lack of water.  There’s also a Slammer here, but he flies off before Luigi can battle or defeat him. Once this is done, go to the right side of the room and shine the Dark Light to find a hidden toolbox, this has the mission’s Boo inside.

Either way, time to go back outside the courtyard.  Cross to the left side and enter the door to reach the Tower Lobby.

This is another place in which the lack of water might cause problems, namely in how the bridge has sunk to the bottom of the narrow canal due to a lack of water in it.  So instead, shine the Dark Light on the north wall to reveal a door, and go through to find yourself in the Greenhouse.

As you progress, you’ll soon realise you’re not alone in here.  Nope, shelves come crashing down around Luigi, ghostly laughter can be heard in the distance… and it all turns out to be a few Greenies wielding gardening equipment.  Wow, talk about not much of a scare.

Still, defeat them and exit to the door to end on the other side of the canal in the Tower Lobby, near the stairs.  If you want a gem here…

Gem 1: Walk behind the stairs and into a small alcove with the gem.  Very easy.

Then go upstairs and into the door at the top to reach the Plant Nursery.

Here, are some pretty damn menacing plants.  Kind of like Piranha Plants, they snap at literally anything that goes near them, and can swallow Luigi whole, doing constantly damage until he breaks free by hammering buttons.  They’re annoying foes to face in Haunted Towers, are extremely common in the area and have to be defeated now to get a key.  So what you need to do is go to the right of the room and use the Poltergust to pull a spiky fruit of a plant it’s growing on, then shoot it at the plant to defeat it.  Once both are defeated, get the key from the treasure chest that was behind them and open the door to the south east of the room to reach the second part of the Tower Lobby.

Don’t go on that carpet!  This is because it’s a trap, setting one foot there will cause Luigi to plummet straight through to the ground floor and have to navigate his way through the Greenhouse and Plant Nursery again.  Instead, go around it and open the door to the east to reach the Skybridge.

This place has a bit of a crow problem… seriously.  Yes, that is a tornado of crows spinning around in the distance and a endless line up of them charging towards the mansion.  No, it makes no sense whatsoever.  Either way, time your movement so can sneak past this lot without getting hit, then go through the east door to get to the Laboratories.

Here, you learn about Balloon Berries.  What are Balloon Berries you might ask?  They’re berries you can pull off the plant and use like a balloon to reach new heights.  So pull one off the plant by sucking it into the Poltergust, then when it’s stuck to end, holding L to go up, up and away.  But first, take out the ghosts.  Then use the Balloon Berries found behind the now lowered wooden barrier to reach the top part of the room.  Go through the door up here to reach the Water Supply.

This is it, the place needed to restore water to Haunted Towers.  First defeat the Greenie wearing a bucket, then use it (the bucket) to collect the strange dripping slime and place it on a pressure switch in front of the machine.  Then, stand on the other switch to open four Strobulb sensors.  Blast all of these with a Strobulb blast to get things working, and… mission complete! Well not quite…

No, that slime wasn’t there for nothing.  Nope, it turns out a Gobber has somehow got stuck in the water supply and comes crashing down next to you. This ghost has 100 HP, spits slime in various directions and can body slam you if you go too close.  Think of it like a mini boss.  To defeat him, you can either make sure to keep walking left and right while using the Poltergust so you’re not in one place long enough to be slimed, or let go of your ‘connection’ and strobulb blast him again to have time to avoid attacks.  Don’t jump though, that brings you nearer the Gobber, who’ll just send you flying at the cost of significant health loss.  Once he’s done, the mission finally ends.


B-2 The Pinwheel Gate

Mission 2 time!  It’s time to go past the pinwheel gate and enter the Hollow Tree, now we’ve got the water supply working and the bridge is accessible!  Just enter the courtyard, run straight over and…

Some ghosts steal the pieces.  More precisely, five Hiders take them and run off, leaving you to track them down.  Oh what great fun…

The first one of these Hiders has ran off to the Gardener’s Dwelling.  To get there, go through the right side door in the Courtyard, through the north one in the Hydro Generator room, then the north door in the East Hall.  In here, you’ll see the Hider escape beneath the floor.  So how do we chase him?  Well use the Poltergust 5000 on the fan above to make the bed slide into the wall, then carry the bucket onto the revealed elevator and ride it down to the Gardener’s Lab.

This creepy place in the basement is sort of like a mad scientists genetic experiments laboratory.  You know, exception with murderous plants instead of animals.  Go left to find some Greenies to defeat, then examine the set of drawers to the left to reveal the Hider.  Catch him for the first Pinwheel Vane.

Also, while you’re here, note the two plants in the background.  One is a carnivorous plant you encountered in the Plant Nursery which promptly breaks out it’s holding cell and tries to eat Luigi whole (so stay well back if you don’t want to lose a significant amount of health), the other is an odd orange flower which seems to be tracking Luigi’s movements. These things also later break out and become a right nuisance, although I guess we’ll get to that later.

After you’ve caught the Hider and are done admiring the murderous scenery, go to the right and then down the passage here to find a door leading to the Sewer. In here, pull the second vine on the ceiling to make the mission’s Boo appear, then catch it. Exit back to the Gardener’s Lab and head to the right to reach the elevator, then take a Balloon Berry from the elevator shaft to the right and ride it back up to the Gardener’s Dwelling.  Exit through the south door, then go right in the East Hall to reach the Tool Shed.

This room has another Hider.  Again, Luigi has to fight some Greenies and some Slammers first before he can track down the Hider, so do that first, then catch the Hider and get the second Pinwheel Vane.  Now, exit through the door to the right to the garden.

The area you’re in here is called the Garden, and is a place where yet another Hider is hiding out. Now the first thing you need to know is that the Hider is the other side of the hedge to the south.  So go to the lawnmower, and activate it by pulling the chain attached to the side to have it go careening through the hedge and open up a path that Luigi can use to reach the other part of the Garden.

Just after he steps through two, a Gobber and two Greenies will join him.  Yes, a Gobber.  At the worst of all possible times.  Defeat these three ghosts as quickly as possible (and hopefully without losing a significant amount of health), then examine the vases to find the Hider and recover the third Pinwheel Vane.

But don’t leave just yet!  Nope, it’s time to possibly get another gem!

Gem 2: Pick up the bucket the Greenier was wearing, then fill it with water.  Bring it to the plant on the bottom right, then water said plant.  Now Strobulb it for a gem.

With that all done, time to go back inside the mansion and head upstairs!

Back in the Tool Shed, examine that suspicious fountain on the right wall.  Luigi will be spun around and flung into the Toolshed Stairs, his means of reaching the 1st floor.  Take the stairs up to the next floor (fighting the Greenie that appears along the way), then enter the door to the left to enter the Botany Lab.

This area has a machine to the left, a plant in a glass tube in the centre and various other things of interest.  So use your Dark Light on the ceiling to reveal a missing pipe between the machine and the glass tube with the plant (and make it reappear), and then activate the machine with a Strobulb blast to water the plant.  It then becomes a giant beanstalk that smashes through the roof of the room and provides an impromptu ladder up to the Seedling Laboratory.

This room is the next Hider location.  You first need to take care of the two Greenies here to make the room somewhat safe, then head towards the back area.  Here, there’s a dresser to the back left where you can find the next Hider.  Capture it to get back the fourth Pinwheel Vane.

But before you leave, there’s a chance for another gem.

Gem 3: See that cannon like device facing the back of the room?  Well that’s a seed shooter.  And if you press X and look through it, you’ll also see a Mouse scurrying around at the back holding a gem with its tail.  So what you need to do is to aim carefully, and shoot the Mouse to destroy it and make it drop the gem.  Do that (you have as many shots as you need), and you get the gem.

Whether you get the above gem or not, now head back towards the south west of the room to reach the Toolshed Stairs again.  Go up another flight to reach a door, and go through to get to the Conservatory.

Yeah… best to try and ignore the sound of the Slammer banging madly on the organ here, he’s certainly no talented musician. Either way, Strobulb blast him and catch him like usual (both to clear the room of non Hider ghosts and to save what remains of your hearing), and then examine the organ. The Hider will pop out one of the pipes at random.  So you’ll need to examine the organ, then quickly blast it with the Strobulb to stun it before it dives back inside.  Catch this final Hider to get the last Pinwheel Vane and complete the mission.


B-3 Graveyard Shift

Named for the time of day most Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon missions take place in, this mission is an interesting one.  You see, not only has it got some very… unique ghosts to encounter, but it’s also your first Toad mission in the game.  These missions have you escorting a Toad from their prison in a painting to a Pixelator that’ll take them back to E Gadd’s Bunker, and have you trying to solve puzzles and things to let you and Toad through the various mansions.  So in other words, an escort mission, something everyone hates in a video game.  Still, at least the Toads here can’t be hurt or killed.

When you start this mission, you may notice a minor… change in the opening cut scene and Towers Entrance area.  Yes, a carnivorous plant has grown right next to the starting point and has completely blocked the gate!  So quickly dash past and head for the tree to the right.

Over here, you’ll find a vine blocking a pipe and some water dripping under it.  Pull the vine off with the Poltergust, then take the bucket nearby and fill it water from the now uncovered pipe.  Water the two plants nearby, and one will grow into a spiky fruit plant.

So now, use the Poltergust to take a fruit off the plant, and fire it at the Carnivorous Plant to defeat it and open the gate.  Head through afterwards.

Finally in the Courtyard again, it’s time to head for the Pinwheel Gate.  However, a Greenie found here will sic three Slammers on you (two of which pop out the ground once you attack the initially visible one), so defeat all three to make him reappear.  Catch this Greenie too, and fix the Pinwheel Gate.  Use the Poltergust on it to spin the wheel and open it.  Continue past and enter the Hollow Tree.

Wow, pretty creepy in here.  Almost reminds me of the Great Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time in terms of atmosphere!  None the less, climb up the stairs to the top and try to enter the passage to the Eerie Staircase.

Whoa!  Where the hell did tha giant creepy gate come from?  Either way, the gate now blocks your path and cannot be bypassed without a special key, so it’s time to find an alternative route.  Grab the the vine in front to fall to the ground.

Now you’re back down here, you can either go and get a gem, or just head to the door in the centre.  If you go for the gem…

Gem 4: Take a spider web ball from in front of the door on the ground floor, then carry it to the torch.  Next, light it on fire and bring it to the west to burn down a spider web blocking a cave.  This small alcove has a bucket, so pick it up, fill it with water and take it across to a small cave on the opposite side of the area to find a plant.  Water this plant, then shine the Strobulb on it for a gem.

With or without the gem obtained, pick up the spider web ball and make sure it’s on fire.  Now, carry it to the web at the back of the room and burn it down to open a path to a door.  Head through this door to enter the Tree Root.

In this area, head left to reach a small section with some moss and a small tree root.  Pull the moss off to reveal a second tree root, then pull it to open up an elevator in the tree.  Enter the elevator by examining it to be taken up to the Old Graveyard.

This creepy area is absolutely massive, although also rather empty to boot, complete with some of the most ominous ‘music’ possible.

Above: I guess this whole area is a nice counter to the idea that Dark Moon is less ‘dark’ than the first game.

Before you move too far though, grab the gem right next to you…

Gem 5: Pull the gem after the vine its hanging from to get it.  Simple as that.

Now you’ve got the gem, head right and up the creepy path to the Crypt.  Brrr, this place could give anyone the creeps.

Once you enter the door to find the Crypt, you’ll see a very easily broken wall in front of you and a vine hanging down you can use to smash it.  Pull the vine with the Poltergust to smash down the weak brick wall, then head through to find a Toad trapped in a painting.

Free him from his prison with the Dark Light, and then reveal a hidden vase to make the Boo for the level appear.  Catch it, and then move down towards the entrance to the Crypt.

Now, you experience what I consider one of the annoying traps in the game.  Basically, the second you get near the door, a coffin automatically falls off the ledge to the left and some bats fly out, circling Luigi and attacking him.  It’s kind of cheap to be honest, given that you have no way to avoid it and very little chance of avoiding the hit. Still, they’re weak enemies you can kill by flashing them with the Strobulb, so it’s no big deal.  Once you’ve done this, open the other coffin here to get some hearts and heal up.  Why?  You’ll realise soon enough.

Once you’ve done healing, exit the Crypt through the front door.  Walk down the path back to the Old Graveyard, and be prepared for the worst…

Because you immediately get ambushed and attacked by the Three Sisters, a fairly annoying mini boss found in Haunted Towers.  These three ghosts are the spirits of the late owners of the mansion, and have now been driven vengeful by the Dark Moon shattering.  Get ready for a pretty tough boss battle….

Boss: The Three Sisters

HP: 300 (overall)

Herlinda: 150 HP

Belinda: 100 HP

Lucinda/Melinda: 50 HP

Your first (and possibly only) encounter with human undead in the game, the Three Sisters are arguably the first enemy you may actually have some trouble with.  Here’s how to defeat them.

As far as the battle goes, it works as follows.  All three ghosts will appear round you and start circling.  Then, one will lower/move the mirror they’re holding, at which point you can blast said sister with the Strobulb and suck her up with the Poltergust 5000.  Think of it as a bit like the Poe Sister fights from Ocarina of Time.

Of course, it’s a bit more difficult than it sounds, since hitting the wrong ghost will lead to one of the others lunging at Luigi and sending him flying.  And while you’re being dragged around the graveyard like a lunatic trying to suck up one of them, the other two are trying to knock poor Luigi out to make him lose grip.

So for advice, I’d say heed the following:

1. Try and capture the weaker sisters first if possible, since the less ghosts you have attacking at once, the less chance you’ll have of getting knocked down while capturing the others.

2. When you’ve captured/failed to capture one, a crow will fly across the graveyard.  Flash it with the Strobulb for a healing heart or potentially useful item.

You should eventually defeat this boss, it just takes some time, patience and skill at avoiding attacks.  If you still have trouble, you can always go get the Super Poltergust (upgrade which doubles you suction power).  That makes these ghosts a piece of cake.

Once they’re defeated, go and calm down Toad and make your way to the right.  You’ll have to pick him up with the Poltergust to bring him through the water here, so do and then drop him on the coffin.  Then, once you’re both standing on it, the coffin will lower in the ground like an elevator and bring you to the Sewer.

In this narrow room, head right for the door, and then exit through to get to the Gardener’s Lab (which you visited last mission).  Carry Toad through some more water to reach the other end of the passage, and then activate the Pixelator here to send him to the Bunker.  Congrats, the mission is now over!


B-4 Pool Party

In the Courtyard, you’ll notice that the two patches of dirt in the middle are now occupied by those vicious looking carnivorous plants you encountered earlier.  So stun the left one with the Strobulb, and run like crazy to the door on the left to avoid getting eaten whole.  Enter the door to reach the Tower Lobby.

In here, there are a few… differences from the last time.  For one thing, there’s a strange orange flower on the ceiling in front of the Greenhouse.  These things are dangerous enemies that slam down on Luigi when he walks or runs underneath them, and can be defeated by pulling them from the ceiling after dodging their attack.  You can find three more of these in the Greenhouse, but my advice here is to avoid them entirely and just head for the stairs in the Tower Lobby.  Climb up and enter the door to reach the Plant Nursery again.  Or you can go for a gem.  Let’s do that.

Gem 6: In this room, use your Dark Light on the ceiling halfway up the stairs to make a missing pipe appear.  Then, go back down and use the Dark Light on a blank patch of wall near the left entrance to the Greenhouse to open a route into the Forgotten Garden.

This place has another vicious carnivorous plant living there, but the pipe you fixed has also brought some water in to water the plant to the left of the door.  This is one of those plants that grows spiky fruit, used to defeat the other carnivorous plants you’ve faced.  So pick up a fruit with the Poltergust, then aim it at the carnivorous plant to defeat it and open up the way to a treasure chest with another gem inside.

Now head out and up the stairs to the Plant Nursery.

No carnivorous plants here this time, but there is another ominous looking orange flower hanging from the ceiling.  Dodge it’s attack, pull it down to defeat it and then head to the valve on the right wall.  Move it so its active to start the water supply here, then fill the bucket on the floor and use said water on the plant in the middle.  This will grow into a gigantic beanstalk that crashes through the ceiling and provides a staircase to the next room.

This area is the Play Room/Rumpus Room.  Boy is this place creepy.  Try and ignore the strange doll that turns to face you at all times, and take a look into the lit window in the doll house.  This will somehow give you a view of the exact same room you’re in (complete with Luigi looking in the doll house window), but you’ll be able to see a single jack in the box shaking.  Exit and examine this jack in the box to make five Greenies appear.  Defeat them all to clear the room.

Now, want a gem?  If so, keep reading:

Gem 7: Walk slowly around the creepy doll in the middle of the room anti clockwise so its head screws off, releasing a gem in the process.

You can also examine one of the other jack in the boxes if you really don’t want to sleep for the next week, that creepy music box theme and demonic laugh could probably give kids nightmares!  Have a listen:

With the room done though, exit through the door to the south to enter the Family Room.

In here is basically a combination kitchen and lounge area. Nothing is mandatory to do in here to complete the mission, but there are two reasons you should examine things.

First of all, using the Dark Light to make a missing portrait appear and then straightening it will make the Boo for the mission appear.  Catch it like usual.

Secondly, play the jukebox to the left with the Poltergust 5000 to listen to a fairly catch remix of the piano theme and get some gold in the process.

Now everything’s done, exit through the left door to the Solarium.

In here, there’s not much to do.  If you want a gem…

Gem 8: Reveal the treasure chest on the table near where you enter from the Family Room with the Dark Light, then open it for a gem.

If not (or after you’ve got said gem), pull the red ball on the chain near the stairs to make the stairs appear.  Climb up to the next level and enter the door to the right to reach the West Bedroom.

Note: In case people were wondering what a Solarium is (I know I was), it’s apparently another word for a sunroom and is meant to be an area designed to maximise warmth with glass ceilings and windows and stuff.  Sort of like a conservatory.

Now, in the Family Bedroom, you’re probably wondering why it’s called that.  After all, when you entered you didn’t see any beds, right?  Well that’s because the wall at the back moves backwards when you use the ceiling fan.  So spin that round with the Poltergust to push the wall back and reveal three beds, along with some Hiders having a pillow fight in the background.  These ghosts will then spot Luigi and hide in one bed each.

What you have to do here is sort of like those old games where a ball is hidden under a random cup and the cups are shifted around.  At first, it’s extremely easy since all three beds have a Hider hiding in them, so just picking any one will always lead to you catching a ghost (oddly, these specific ones don’t seem to appear from their hiding places while you’re catching their friends like the other Hiders you battle in game).  However, once two are remaining, this puzzle gets a bit more interesting.

Why?  The beds themselves flip around and switch places!  It’s… strange to say the least.  Either way, watch one bed with a Hider in very carefully and catch the ghost once the bed stops moving, and repeat that for the other one to light up the room and get a key.

This key unlocks the door to the right, a door which leads into the West Hall/West Hallway (depending on game version).  Go through the door to the east to reach the Crow’s Nest/Walkway, since the required north door to the West Bathroom is currently locked.

The Walkway is a long wooden bridge above the grounds below filled with Crows, and is merely used as a path to the Conservatory.  Follow it to the right to get there.

In the Conservatory, you’ll notice that some Balloon Berries are now growing by the organ to the north.  Grab one and fly up to the left to reach a door (don’t step on the mat if you don’t want to fall back down to the floor).  Go out to reach the upper section of the Crow’s Nest/Walkway.  Here you’ll see a painting of a key, use a Dark Light to make the key appear and fall out the painting, and then collect it. Head back down inside the Conservatory.

Wait!  If you want another gem, there’s yet another one accessible via the Conservatory!

Gem 9: Take a Balloon Berry to a small balcony to the east of the area, and use your Dark Light on the blank wall to make a door appear.  Go in to find a bonus game where you need to collect eight red coins, and complete this for the gem.

Now go across the Crow’s Nest/Walkway to the West Hall/Hallway and use the key to enter the locked door to the West Bathroom.

Here, look in the mirror first of all to see a Slammer that’s right next to you.  Catch him like usual, then defeat the two Greenies and Creeper that also inhabit this room.  Now, you can go to the deckchair to reach the Rooftop Pool, but there’s yet another gem waiting around here…

Gem 10: Pull the toilet paper from the roll to the left to make this appear.  Simples.

Either way, go up and examine the deckchair to be catapulted up to the Rooftop Pool.

Here your mission will change to ‘Find the Special Key’.  Where is it?  Well look in front of you.  Notice anything missing?  Yes, shine your Dark Light where there should be another frog statue to make it appear and spit out the key, and then collect it.

Sadly, this key is then stolen by a Sneaker. So defeat the four Sneakers that attack in this room (you can see where they are when invisible by looking at the ripples in the swimming pool water), and you’ll be able to collect the key from the diving board.  Or you should be able to…

Before a ghostly dog comes out of nowhere and steals out.  Yes, this is your first encounter with a Polterpup, a ghostly pooch that appears in three out of the five mansions to take some necessary item and run off with it.  And this time, he takes the key and literally jumps out the window with it.  Ah well, mission complete!


B-5 That Dog the Key Hog/Doggone Key

Welcome to your first Polterpup mission!  What’s a Polterpup mission you may be wondering? It’s pretty much a ghost dog chase through a mansion you’ve already explored.  Except this time, you’ve got to examine various objects at the end of trails of pawprints to make the pup appear, then watch in aggravation as it runs to another room and the process continues.

Sort of like the Polterpup mode in the ScareScraper, except with one ridiculously determined ghost dog instead of hundreds of less determined ones.

As you start, you can see the Polterpup behind the gate in the Courtyard.  Go in to see a potentially funny cutscene where Luigi sees the Polterpup acting goofy and watches it run off to the Tool Shed.

Yes, the Tool Shed.  So head through the door to the right to reach the Hydro Generator, then go up into the East Hall/Hallway.  In here, go right to reach the Tool Shed again.

Here, examine the furniture to make it appear, and chase it out into the Garden.  Now, you can continue your chase… or you can go get the Boo.  Let’s go catch that Boo.  Head back into the Tool Shed to find the furniture has vanished, and make it reappear with the Dark Light to unleash the Boo for the mission.  Catch it and exit back into the Garden.

Out in the Garden, you’ll see the Polterpup again, next the lawnmower.  Head up to watch it escape and set off the lawnmower in the process.  But try going back into the building again…

And some Sneakers appear from absolutely nowhere.  You’ll have to defeat them all to get rid of the magical grate blocking the door and re enter the Tool Shed. Once this is done, enter the Tool Shed and examine the fountain to be thrown into the Toolshed Stairs.  This place has a Creeper you need to watch out for, so instead of just running straight, use your Dark Light on the purple puddle below to make it vulnerable then suck it up like any other ghost to get it out the way.  Head upstairs once it’s gone.

Now, quickly go through the Botany Lab.  Then climb the stalk to the Seedling Laboratory, then out the door and up the Toolshed Stairs again to reach the Conservatory.  This is the next location the Polterpup is hiding in.

Catch the Creeper in here first, then examine the organ to make the Polterpup appear and run behind the stairs. Chase after it to make it exit and a team of three Greenies and a Gobber appear.  Defeat these ghosts and charge across the Crow’s Nest/Walkway to the West Hall/Hallway.

Here, defeat some Creepers, then head up in the West Bathroom.  Make the Polterpup appear by checking the sink, then exit back to the West Hallway and enter the door to the west to reach the West Bedroom.

In this room, catch the Creeper to the left to get it out the way, then examine the dresser to the west to make the Polterpup appear.  It’ll finally now stay still long enough for you to catch it.


B-Boss Tree Topping

When you start, you’ll see Luigi enter the door at the top of the Hollow Tree and stare depressingly at a ridiculously long staircase.

And that’s where the mission starts. You aim: reach the top of the so called Eerie Staircase.  The general puzzle: to take the right pathway at each junction to avoid sliding all the way back down to the bottom and facing a random ghost.

So here’s how to pick the right path here.  See those torches in front of each flight of steps?  Well the ones near the correct path to take will shine orange for a brief moment before turning blue.  So take the stairs marked by the orange torches to avoid sliding back down.  Unfortunately, you can only see about four flights of steps in front of you, so after about three or four tries at spotting the correct path, you’ll have to guess any others you come across afterwards until you make a mistake and slide back down.  It’s not a very fun section to play, but at least the game marks the stairs you went up before when you go to climb them again after failing.

At the top of these stairs, you’ll face a boss called the Harsh Possessor who takes over a staircase.  Here’s how to defeat him:

Boss: Harsh Possessor

HP: infinite

A simple boss with few attacks and an easy to avoid pattern, the Harsh Possessor is meant as a sort of breather after the hellish experience that was climbing the Eerie Staircase to reach him.

The main attack he has is to leap into the air and coming crash down to the ground.  This is extremely easy to dodge, just stay away from the shadow/direction the boss is going and keep moving.

After three or so slams, he’ll then drop his ‘tongue’, which you have to pull back with the Poltergust like a carpet tassle or chord.  This will draw the Possessor away from the staircase.

Then all you need to do is dodge two lunges in your general direction, then flash him with the Strobulb and suck away at the boss to do damage (remember that you need to use an electric shock when the A Pull meter is full to do damage).

He’ll then repossess the staircase, and the pattern repeats to mostly the same degree.  Dodge jumps, dodge a few flames he spits, pull on tongue, attack Possessor, repeat.  It’s not a hard boss in any sense of the word and goes down in under a minute or so.

Once this is done, the boss is defeated and you can collect the Dark Moon piece to complete Haunted Towers for good.  You’ll probably also have a three star rating if you’re remotely any good at the game, this guy is fairly easy to beat while taking little or no damage and is most certainly easily beatable in a short amount of time.


B-Bonus Hostile Intrusion

Another time attack mission to clear, this one works much like the secret mission from Gloomy Manor (complete with randomly chosen rooms and a random choice of ghost set up for each).  Again, not much to advise here, the rooms are entirely random and differ for every single attempt.

Just keep in mind that this secret mission introduces Sneakers, Creepers and Gobbers to the mix of enemies you’ll have to fight.  Most importantly, you pretty much will be guaranteed to fight at LEAST one Gobber here, so watch out.