Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon; Gloomy Manor Guide

Gloomy Manor

The first mansion of the game, Gloomy Manor is pretty much the nearest thing you have to a plain old haunted mansion with no gimmicks.  Basically, it’s the same sort of place as the mansion from the first game complete with puzzles that wouldn’t mostly be out the ordianary there.  It’s also ludicrously easy to complete, having only the three weakest types of ghosts to face and such a joke of a mini boss you probably won’t even consider it as such.

A-1 Poltergust 5000

Well, it finally begins!  Here’s your first mission in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon!

As you may have realised, you don’t start with the Poltergust or Strobulb.  On the bright side however, you will also not encounter a single ‘real’ enemy (minus mice, bats and suits of armour) until you retrieve these things, so there’s no fear you’ll get locked into a battle with an enemy or slaughtered due to not having the necessary ghost busting equipment.  And with that said, let’s begin the mission.

You’ll start well outside the mansion, part way down a dark road with various trees overhanging it.  Make your way through here as quickly as possible (you’ll learn how to run as you near the mansion itself), and go through the gate to enter the Front Garden.

In here, you can either look in the window or go straight for the door.  Either way, once you try and open the door, you’ll realise it’s locked and see a mouse run off with the necessary key.  Chase down this mouse to retrieve the key, then enter the mansion proper.

In here, you’ll first want to go left and examine the car.  This will get you the Poltergust 5000, the extremely useful tool that will be used to bust ghosts and solve puzzles throughout Luigi’s Mansion 2.  With this equipped, pull the cloth off the nearby treasure chest for a key, and return to the main foyer.

Next, go and pull that fake door off the door to the right to open it, and go in.  You’ll see a fan on the ceiling with a key perched on top, so spin the fan with the Poltergust 5000 to knock it off to the floor where you can grab it.

With two keys now in your possession, head back to the foyer and enter the door to the north with the first key.  This is the Guarded Corridor/Guard Hall.  In here, those suits of armour will try and cleave you in half if you go near them, so hold B and run like mad to get down to the other end of the hallway without getting hit by the swords being swung at Luigi’s head.  At the far end, you’ll find another locked door.  Open it with the second key to reach the Main Hall.

In here, you’ll want to run up the stairs to the right and look at the chandelier. See that bulb like thing on it?  That’s the Strobulb, the very useful piece of kit you’ll need to stun ghosts and open various light activated locks.  So spin the fan above to lower the chandelier to the floor, then quickly run down and pluck the strobulb off with the chandelier with the X button to grab it.

Now fully kitted up and ready to go, head towards the right of the room to find a weird mechanism and a door you seemingly can’t enter.  This machine is activated by a strobulb flash/blast, so hold the A button to charge, then release it to activate the machine and unlock the door.  Enter.

This is a combination cloakroom and bathroom.  Wait, bathroom? Yep, you’ll find out soon enough.  Examine the toilet with the X button to be spun around and flung into the bathroom portion of the area.  See what I mean?

In here, you can pull off various things like carpets for cash.  But more importantly, see that shower curtain? Pull it off with the Poltergust to reveal a very shocked Greenie (basic ghost enemy) who then proceeds to panic and slam into the wall while trying to escape.  Once he’s left the scene, head back to the other part of the room by examining the toilet again.

Upon leaving though, a purple grate will slam down and the Greenie will reappear.  Yes, this is your first time dealing with ghosts, so you’d better figure out how to fight them here.  Here’s how:

1. Blast the ghost with the strobulb to stun it (its health will now become visible)

2. Use your Poltergust to reel ’em in.  While sucking in a ghost, holding the circle pad away from the direction the ghost is heading to pull back against it and drain its health.  And if the A Pull bar that appears gets maxed out/has a flashing A icon, press A to blast the ghost with electricity and do a significant amount of damage.  Do this until the first Greenie is gone, then repeat the procedure to defeat the second one and unlock the door.

Back in the Main Hall, it seems quite a few more Greenies have decided to join in.  You know what to do here.  If you’re having trouble, remember that you can blast and suck him multiple ghosts by hitting them all with the Strobulb flash and sucking them in with the Poltergust, so try and take down three of these Greenies at once.

With that done, E Gadd should recall Luigi and the mission will end.

For Returning Players:

If you’re replaying this mission after beating it, you can skip getting the Poltergust and Strobulb again entirely. Instead, nab the key from the chest in the Garage once you’re inside the mansion, then knock the other one off the fan in the Side Room, and then make your way to the Strobulb lock and first ghost encounter.  Your mission will change to ‘Clear out All ghosts’ once you get past the Guarded Corridor/Guard Hall.

To find the Boo in the mission, look for a missing wheel in the Garage, and reveal it with the Dark Light to make the Boo appear.

A-2 Gear Up

Now that Luigi is all geared up with the Poltergust and Strobulb, it’s time to open up the paths leading to the rest of the mansion.  Unfortunately, it seems the ghosts here have other plans.

From your starting location in the entrance room, head north through the door to the Guarded Corridor.  Head north again to the Main Hall to see a cut scene where some Slammers pull the gears out of a machine on the north wall.  Looks like we need to hunt them all down!

Trying to enter the door to the left leads us to another issue though.  A Greenie flies out with the key to the Common Hall/Downstairs Corridor!  Right,we’d better follow him!  So make your way back to the entrance room of the mansion (going through the Guard Hall on the way), and you’ll find the Greenie swinging from the Chandelier.  Stun him with the Strobulb and catch him like normal to get the key, then return back to the Foyer.

Enter the left door to reach the Downstairs Corridor, and enter the first door on the left to reach the Lab.  In here, vacuum the blackboard on the back wall to make it flip round and reveal a Greenie, then defeat him.  Defeat the other Greenie and Slammer which then appear for the first Gear.

Now, usually, we’d head to the Studio next door for another Gear.  Unfortunately, something seems to be blocking the door from the inside.  So instead, pull the wallpaper off the wall between the Lab and Studio to reveal a door to the Secret Pocket.  In here, suck up the dust and use the Poltergust near the left wall to pull another key from a high up shelf.  With this in hand, make your way back out to the Foyer.

Try and head up the stairs.  As you near the top, a Hider will appear and turn the stairs in a slope that Luigi automatically slides back down.  And then the usual paranormal grate slams down at the bottom to stop you going up again until the ghost is defeated.

A Hider, as the name probably indicates, hides in objects in a room.  Then, if you take too long to examine the object they’re in and reveal them, it’ll start throwing objects at Luigi to attack, or move to another hiding place.  So examine the various objects here like the vases til you reveal the Hider, then Strobulb it and catch it like any other ghost.  Once the Hider is defeated, head up the now unlocked stairs to the next floor.  Go through the door to the left here to reach the Upstairs Corridor/Master Hall.

This place is… filled to the brim with spiders and webs.  Unfortunately, you have no way to deal with any of this just yet, so ignore them and enter the door to the South west to reach the Parlor.

In this room, there are two things of interest you should check out.  First, see that clock in the corner with a Strobulb sensor?  Well that holds a gem, so blast it with the Strobulb to make the gem fall out.

Gem 1: Use the Strobulb on the grandfather clock in the Parlor.

Next, check out that old phonograph. Use the Poltergust on it to play a catchy tune…

And some Greenies will appear!  Defeat them to make a Slammer appear, then defeat it for the second Gear.

Once you’ve done this, exit through the door to the right to reach the Upstairs Corridor and enter the room to the north west to get to the Bedroom.  In here, you can see a gem blocked by a web, but there’s no way to get that yet.  Instead, pull the cord to make a bed come down, then examine it to be flung into the Study.

This area has the third Gear, which a Greenie shuts in a glass case on the wall.  Defeat the four Greenies and Slammer which appear in this room, then get the Gear from the now open case to obtain the third one in the mission.

Now you’re here though, you may be wondering how you exit.  Well, here’s how.  First, push the rug on the floor back with the Poltergust’s blow function (the L button) to reveal a switch. Then, stand on the switch to put the fire out in the fire place, then examine the area to be taken down to the Studio via a hidden elevator.  Remember how this works, a lot of these mansions seem to have elevators hidden in the fire place that you can use by examining them for whatever reason.

In the Studio, defeat the two Hiders to reveal a Slammer, then defeat him for the final Gear.  Vacuum up the dust pile blocking the door back to the Downstairs Corridor, then go back to the Foyer and examine the machine to end the mission.

For Returning Players:

Return here after you get the Dark Light for the mission’s Boo. To find him, head to the Side Entrance/Mudroom, then reveal a now invisible table with the Dark Light. Catch him as usual.

A-3 Quiet Please

The first mini boss mission in the game, the goal here is to figure out where the mysterious piano music is coming from within Gloomy Manor.

You start in the foyer.  Enter the north door to reach the Guarded Corridor/Guard Hall, and you’ll find something very strange has happened…

Wait!  Gem time!  Stay in the foyer for a bit longer…

Gem: Examine the suit of armour to the right to make its helmet fall off.  Now, pick up the helmet with the Poltergust and shoot it at a picture of a knight’s helmet with the L button. This is the most ridiculously annoying gem to find in the game (and it’s only possible to grab the helmet in this mission and the secret one), so it may be useful to get it out the way now so you don’t forget where it is later.  But now back to your regularly scheduled walkthrough, where in the Guarded Corridor…

Gem 2: Examine the suit of armour to the right in the Entrance to make its helmet fall off, then fire it at the helmet painting on the wall. This is only possible in the 3rd mission and secret one.

The suits of armour are gone!  Yes, they’re not there and don’t try to hit you in any way whatsoever, only being momentarily lit up by the occasional lightning strike.  I’m not sure why the game decided to hide them with Spirit Balls in this mission (especially given how you don’t get the Dark Light until the next one), but I guess it makes things easier for us.  Continue going to the Main Hall.

In here, examine the mechanism in the back corner to lower the fish tank, and then go upstairs and enter the door that was behind it to reach the Lobby.  You’ll find a Slammer and Two Greenies here, so defeat them as usual and then exit through the door to the back left.

This will take you to the second floor of the Library. Have a listen to that catchy music!  Don’t stand still too long though, those books are lethal!  With that said, go round (blasting the gold spiders and mice for money as you go) and then exit through the door at the other end to reach the Dining Room.

In here, there’s not much to see.  You can put out the candles in the chandelier for some cash, open the safe in the ceiling with a strobulb blast for a gem or search around for cash in the various objects, but what you really need to do is head for the cord near the right side of the room.  Pull it with the Poltergust to open the dumb waiter, then press X to get inside and be lowered down to the Kitchen.

Gem 3: Use the Strobulb to blast open the safe in the Dining Room Ceiling

The Kitchen however has a few ghosts to take care of.  Try exiting through any door, and an armed Greenie will appear.  This one has a rolling pin as a weapon and a pan on its head, so normal strobulb blasts won’t stun it.  Instead, dodge it’s attack to make it dizzy and drop its guard, then stun it then to remove its armour/weapon and let you suck it up. Once he’s down, two more Greenies will appear (one in armour, one not).  Defeat them as normal to unlock the door to the right.  Go through to face…

The Poltergeist/Boffin!  Here’s how to beat him (from my boss guide):

Mini Boss: Boffin/Poltergeist 

HP: 50

Just look for where the books are moving and blast your Strobulb in that general direction.  Or just blast it randomly around the room, he’s not particularly well hidden and he’s got two clones you also have to suck up.  Once you’ve caught one of them in the Poltergust 5000’s grip, just defeat him like any other ghost, he doesn’t really break free very easily and can be quite easily sucked up in one go if you don’t get hit by any flying books.

Just catch him and his two copies to win the battle.

With this done, the mission ends and you’ll be teleported out of there.

For Returning Players:

Return after getting the Dark Light in the next mission to capture this mansion’s Boo. To find it, head back to the Studio, then reveal the missing canvas. It’s pretty easy to locate, just look for the sheet hanging in mid air and shine the Dark Light on it. Capture the Boo as usual.

A-4 Visual Tricks

With the Poltergust and Strobulb in our possession and two additional missions of experience now behind us, it’s time to get the last piece of equipment for in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.  This mission introduces us to the Dark Light Device, a torch like contraption that can be used to reveal hidden objects and bring objects and people out of any paintings they might be trapped in.  Luigi will start the mission in the Entrance.  Head north into the Foyer and go through the door to the left to reach the Downstairs Corridor.

Here, attempt to go left into the Lab (where the map and E Gadd say the Dark Light Device is being held)… and the door disappears!  Yep, some pesky critters called Spirit Balls are causing it to vanish from the other side, so we’ll need to find an alternative way into the Lab.  Head back out to the Foyer and try to go upstairs.

Cue another Hider!  This time, we’ll have to fight not just a Hider, but a Slammer as well!  Defeat the first Hider and then another two appear as well.  Looks like these battles are getting a tad more intense.  Defeat all the ghosts to light up the room again and open the way upstairs.  Head up and enter the left door to reach the Upstairs Corridor.

In this hallway, enter the first door to the Parlor like you did in Gear Up.  Now, you’ll see some Spirit Balls vanish down the chimney and put out the fire in the process.  Remember what room is directly underneath the Parlor on the map? Yup, the Lab.  So examine the fire place to be shot down into the lab via another elevator.

Ah, the Dark Light!  Right over on that table in the corner.  Walk over and try to examine it…

And a Greenie appears with sunglasses, taking off with the Dark Light!  Again, use the Poltergust on the blackboard to knock him back into the main room, and proceed to battle.

These Greenies are temporarily immune to your Strobulb blasts because of the glasses.  So use your Poltergust to grab them and pull them off the ghost.  Sunglasses now gone, defeat it like normal.  Defeat the other two or so sunglasses wearing Greenies to get back to the Dark Light.

Now you have the Dark Light, here’s how to use it.  Face where you want the Dark Light to be shone (using X to look up and B to look down respectively), and use the Y button to shine it on the object.  There’s a meter in the top right corner here, this goes down as you continue to use the device.  If it runs out, then the thing overheats and can’t be used for a while.

So try it on the door to the Downstairs Corridor.  After a second or so of shining the Dark Light on it, some Spirit Balls will pop out.  These blue creatures are kind of like ball lightning or other similar phenomena, and must all be caught to make the hidden object visible and usable again.  So suck them in with the Poltergust to reveal the door.

That should be enough now to get through the rest of the mission, so enough with the Dark Light tutorials.  Go through the door into the Downstairs Corridor, and follow the path around to the north east.  Here, you’ll see a painting with a key in it.  Shine the Dark Light on this painting to make the key pop out the painting (thankfully Spirit Balls don’t appear when you use the Dark Light on a painting)  Then, shine the Dark Light on the door to the right to open a path into the Patio.  This outdoor area has some interesting things to find.

First of all, if you want some gems, continue reading:

Gem 4: Shine your Dark Light on the missing fountain in the pond to make it appear, and collect the gem it spits out.

Gem 5: Go towards the left wall and use your Dark Light on it to reveal a secret door.  Head through to enter a secret room with some Gold Spiders and things, then go through the door to the north west to end up behind the fish tank in the Foyer.  Get the gem in here with the Poltergust, then head back the way you came to the Patio.

In this area, head towards the bottom right of the garden to find some crows and a rather conspicuous empty area.  Shine the Dark Light here to reveal the giant E Gadd statue, then use the Poltergust on the propeller at the top to make it rise up, giving you a key.  With key in hand, head back to the Patio entrance and go through the north door to the Kitchen.

Inside the Kitchen, there are some more ghosts to defeat. Namely two Greenies and two Hiders (some of the former also have a frying pan and helmet too).  Defeat them both to light up the room.  At this point, there’s another possible gem to collect…

Gem 6: Open the fridge to reveal a frozen gem, and pull it out with the Poltergust 5000.  Now, head over to the Stove and examine it to set it on fire.  Carry the frozen gem over to melt it, then collect it.

Once you have/have not got this gem, go to the right of the room to find a cord hanging from the ceiling.  Pull this to open up a dumbwaiter to the north, then examine it to be catapulted upwards to the Dining Room.

Here, you’ll see a Boo hide the table with some Spirit Balls.  Use the Dark Light to make the table reappear.  The Boo will then re enter, see the now visible table and get annoyed at Luigi.  Time to fight your first Boo!

To do this, use your Dark Light to reveal his location (you know when you’ve got him when you can hear his crying start), then use it on the Boo to make him solid.  Pull his tongue with the Poltergust 5000, then let go when it’s stretched to send him flying around the room like a pinball, sending coins everywhere and wearing down his health.  once the Boo is at zero health, go over and suck him up with the Poltergust to win and end the mission.

You’ve now also unlocked the ScareScraper/Thrill Tower mode!

For Returning Players:

You can’t take shortcuts here and skip getting the Dark Light, at least not as far as I know.  If you do, the Boo won’t appear and hide the table in the Dining Room.  However, you can immediately head upstairs and enter the Lab from the fireplace elevator in the Parlor, completely missing out the ‘doors vanished’ cut scene.  So if you’re replaying the mission, just immediately go and enter the Lab from the top entrance, this replay the rest of the mission like the first time around.

A-5 Sticky Situation

Finally, it looks like we’re going to be getting rid of those pesky spider webs lying around!  Now, before the mission walkthrough begins, I’d like to mention something important:

Most rooms here are randomised.  Because of this, only the corridors, balcony, attic, bedroom and library since they’re the only rooms guaranteed to have spider webs in.  Similarly, the ghost locations are randomised too.  Because of this, there’s no way to know which rooms will have Greenies, Slammers or Hiders in (other than the Patio).  So be aware that you may need to diverge from this guide significantly.

Regardless, you’ll start in the Entrance.  Now look at your map and see if there are any rooms with ‘!’ symbols in (like the Garage or Side Room), and if so get rid of any spider webs in said rooms with the Poltergust.  Same with the Guarded Corridor.  Once all spider webs are gone around here, go up to the Foyer.

From here, enter the Downstairs Corridor.  Now, examine your map again, and check whether the Lab or Studio have any webs in.  Enter and get rid of them with the Poltergust if so, then go back to the corridor.  You’ll find a web ball in here, so pick it up with the Poltergust and take it over to the candle to light it on fire.  Now walk through the corridor, burning down every web (and spider in your path) with it!  It’s surprisingly cathartic too, so keep going until the room is spotless.

Now, check if the bottom floor of the Library (which is now accessible through the north door) has any webs in by going in.  If so, suck them all up with the Poltergust.  Note that this will not clear the map though, since the upper level will always have some spider webs you need to burn down in it.

If you’re playing this for the first time, make the missing Piano in here visible with the Dark Light to reveal the Boo for this mission. Capture it as normal and move on.

Exit out the door to the Patio to find a Gold Greenie and a normal one just hanging around!  Wow, this is all very convenient!  Catch both of them to clear the room and get a ton of cash in the process.

Enter the north door to reach the Kitchen.  This room may have ghosts in, so capture them if it does.

Now take the lift up to the Dining Room.  This area may have ghosts in as well, so capture them if it does, then move via the left door to the Library.

In this area, take a look at the painting on the wall.  As you may notice, it looks like a flame.  So use your Dark Light on it to turn the painting into a real fire, then burn the spider web ball with it and use it to destroy the giant web blocking the left side door.  Exit through to the Lobby.

This room might have ghosts in it as well.  If it does, you’ll encounter two Hiders.  Defeat both of them to clear out the room, then exit through the right door to the Balcony (use the Dark Light to make the door appear).

Out here, you’ll notice another giant spider web.  So first of all, take out the bats with the Strobulb to save yourself any grief, then light the barbecue by using the Strobulb on it.  Now pull the hanging piece of web to the lit barbecue to have it light the whole thing like a dynamite fuse does an explosive.

Past the now disintegrated web, you’ll find a spider web ball.  Pick this up and carry it back to the barbecue to light it on fire, then carry it around the corner and use it to get rid of the giant web at the end of the Balcony.  Suck up any remaining webs with the Poltergust after this to clear the room.

Next, make your way back through the Lobby until you reach the second level of the Foyer.  Head through the left door to get to the Upstairs Corridor.

Here, check to see if the Parlor has any webs, then get rid of them if it does.  Now, enter the door to the Bedroom.  See that giant web blocking part of the room?  And that spider web ball hanging from the fan?  Well you’ll need to light the latter on fire to get rid of the former.  So examine the stove to light it then, spin the fan with the Poltergust to light the web ball and swing it into the giant web. Behind this area is…

Gem 7: Another gem!  Collect it with the Poltergust

Now, use the same method as before to reach the Study, which might have spider webs or ghosts in.  If it does, defeat either the Greenies, Slammers or Hiders that spawn here, then get rid of any spider webs with the Poltergust to clear the room.

If you want another gem…

Gem 8: Pull back the leftmost set of curtains to reveal a painting of a gem, then use your Dark Light on it to make the gem fly out the painting.  Collect it as usual.

Once you’re done in here, check the fire place like usual to reach the Studio.

Exit back to the Foyer via the Downstairs Corridor, then go up the stairs and enter through the door in the left to reach the Upstairs Corridor again.

Here, suck away the spider web under the painting to make it tilt and knock the candle down.  This will set another web on fire, as well as provide a convenient point for lighting the nearby ceiling web ball on fire.  Pull said web ball back to the flame, then set it off like a fuse to have it burn down the giant web in this room.

This will drop a spider web ball.  Pick it up and take it back to the flame, then use the lit ball to set any remaining webs in the room on fire.  Once they’re all cleared, pull the cord at the end to reach the Rafters.

Up here, take care of any spider webs near the entrance first, then walk over to the narrow beam.  This, is an annoying bit of the game.  You have to use gyro controls to stop Luigi tilting and falling off the beam, and these controls are so ridiculously oversensitive that any normal person can’t just hold the 3DS still and hope to get across.  So instead, my advise is to hold B to run and charge across the beam at full pelt, use the tilt controls quite strongly to lean Luigi away from any directions he starts falling too.

Once across, you’ll see another painting of a flame and a web ball hanging from a spider web.  Do the same as in the Library to clear it out the way.

Finally, at the far end of the room you’ll come across another giant web with a ball hanging from it and a painting.  This time however, it seems like the painting isn’t of a fire but a piece of cheese.  So use the Poltergust to pull off these cheese picture and reveal a fire one, then make the hanging web ball catch on fire, setting the giant web to the left alight to get rid of the last spider web in the mansion.  Once you’ve done this, you can either wait for the phone call from E Gadd and end the mission or get another gem…

Gem 9: Go right from the painting to find the gem on top of a dresser.  Pull it away with the Poltergust to collect it.

Now that this annoying mission is done, relax and enjoy a break!

Ghosts in Sticky SituationIn this mission, there are always exactly three rooms with ghosts in. Here are the ghosts you’ll find in each.

  • Room 1: Four Greenies (normal, no weapons)
  • Room 2: Four Slammers (two face you at a time)
  • Room 3: Four Hiders (two face you at a time)

As mentioned above, the three rooms with these ghost combos in will change every single time you play the mission, so be warned. They also don’t always appear in rooms with spider webs in, so there’s no guarantee you’ll ever have to encounter all three sets of ghosts mentioned above (although all three ghost sets will spawn every time the mission is played.

A-6 Confront the Source

Your first boss mission (those skull symbols on the mission select screen indicate a boss mission), this one has you heading down to the mansion’s basement to fight the Grouchy Possessor for the first Dark Moon piece.  You’ll begin in the Lobby, so examine the elevator at the back to enter it and end up in the Cellar.

Down here, you’ll want to go towards the large spider web at the back of the large room and pull away the web ball attached to it.  This will make a giant spider come crashing down and attack, and will begin the boss battle!

Boss 1: Giant Spider/Grouchy Possessor

HP: Infinite

Your first main boss in the game, this one has quite the complex attack pattern and could be quite difficult to figure out on your own.  Still, that’s what walkthroughs are for, right?  Here’s how to beat it:

This battle is split into three phases each with their own method of hurting the spider and revealing the Grouchy Possessor.

For the first phase, you have to go near the spider and Strobulb it’s face to stun it, then pick up a web ball found nearby.  Take this back to a suit of armour with a flaming axe to set it on fire, and the Possessor should be revealed after the spider is sent flying by the fiery explosion.

Now, a Possessor is not like a normal ghost in how you defeat it.  No, instead of having HP like the mini bosses or King Boo do, these guys have what’s technically ‘infinite’ health, meaning that you can only damage them with electric shocks from a charged A Pull Meter.  So first dodge his attacks, then when he’s stunned strobe him and start pulling him into the Poltergust.  Charge out the bar, and when it’s full press A to shock him and pull off one layer of his suit/skin, causing him to change colour.

The next phase then starts.  Here, first spin the fan attached to a ball of brown spider silk to make it spin around and ignite some more web further up, freeing some armour which can then jab outwards with its weapon.  You then need to go up to the spider as before, stun it with the Strobulb and pull back the spider silk nearby so it gets stuck on the lance of the impaling suit of armour.  Then, spin the silk attached to the ceiling around so this silk is set on fire, which will reveal the Possessor again.  Damage him as before.

Finally, you’re on the last hit and in the last phase.  There’s now a movable ball of silk next to the spider, so pick it up and go back to the start of the room with it.  You can ignite it and bring it back to the spider to ignite a web to the left that hides another suit of armour.  This one has a torch, so just pull back the usual ball of spider web near the giant spider so it touches the torch to knock down the spider again and reveal the Grouchy Possessor for the final time.  Suck it into the Poltergust 5000, and the battle is over!

With this done, grab the Dark Moon piece and watch the cutscene to end the mission, finishing off the main missions in Gloomy Manor and opening up the next location, Haunted Towers.

Note: Above is taken from my boss guide on the forums

A-Bonus Gradual Infiltration

After you catch all the Boos in Gloomy Manor (check the above strategies to find their locations first), you’ll unlock this mission.  This is what I like to call an ‘Infestation’ mission, a mission where five or six different rooms get taken over by ghosts and you have to clear them out in as quick a time frame as possible.

As you may have guessed, these rooms are random.  So practically speaking, any area in Gloomy Manor could potentially be infested with ghosts.  There are also three different ‘difficulty’ levels here, with each room potentially having one of three possible enemy combos based on when its infested in the mission and whether it’s been cleared out before.  You can tell roughly what ‘difficulty’ you’re on by the music, it’ll start out slow like this:

But then when on the final wave of ghost rooms, it’ll get super quick like this version:

Still, I can’t give you advise here, it’s mostly random what rooms the game decides should be infested here, and the time limit the game considers reasonable varies based on this as well.  And even then, the time has nothing to do with your rank here, just what pithy comment E Gadd makes after you defeat the final ghost.

Good luck!

Additional Gems

Gem 10:Go back to the Front Garden (where you start the first mission in the game), then use the Strobulb on the flowers to the left.

Gem 11:Go through the door in the Mudroom Exterior to the Forgotten Garden, then vacuum it down from the tree it’s stuck in.

Gem 12:Go behind the divider in the Bedroom (behind where the giant spider web used to be) to get this gem.

Gem 13:In the Studio, vacuum the area near the curtains to free the gem (which is initially trapped by a spider web). You can see this if you look into the camera beforehand.