Metroid Prime Federation Force

Join a four-player local or online squad in this co-operative sci-fi shooter
set in the Metroid universe. Hop in a specialized battle Mech suit and work
with your teammates to take down enemy forces and complete objectivebased
missions. Then, take a break and play a fun, pick-up game of Blast Ball with fellow troops.

  • Up to 4 players take on a variety of co-op missions in this first-person, sci-fi
    shooter set in the Metroid universe
  • Work together as a team to clear out enemy-infested bases and complete
    objective-based mission
  • Take on enemies with a blaster and special sub-weapons
  • Aim using the Nintendo 3DS system’s gyroscope
  • Join a pick-up game of Blast Ball, a 3-on-3 sci-fi sport in the Metroid
    universe where players shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal to score

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