Xbox One Already About to Outsell Wii U in UK

Oh, this isn’t good. Apparently, with 150,000 Xbox One consoles sold in the UK in 48 hours, the new system is literally just a few thousand units away from beating the Wii U’s total lifetime sales in the region.  So basically, all of Nintendo UK’s marketing efforts have pretty much been for nought, since their rivals are actually outselling their lifetime ‘records’ in just a matter of days rather than months.

But what caused this colossal failure?  Why is the Wii U selling so poorly compared to its rivals?  Personally, I have two possible reasons:

1. Nintendo UK is absolutely awful at marketing.  They don’t advertise their games and systems enough in prime time or in places online actually frequented by the general UK consumer, and hence no one even knows most things they release even exist.  Need to hear more?  Well how about this; I see around one or two Xbox One ads a night or so on mainstream TV channels.  I see maybe one Wii U ad a week/month if I’m lucky.  They don’t seem to give a toss about making the system a household name or promoting it well.

Above: Our Nintendo Directs are a bit less charismatic too.  NOA gets Reggie, Japan gets more Iwata… we get stuck with Shibata, a guy who isn’t exactly a cultural icon.

2. The UK just doesn’t seem to care that much for Nintendo.  Yeah I know, that’s probably gonna be seen as an insane thought… but I suspect it’s an accurate one.  I mean, look back to the eight bit era.  We never had a video game crash or the NES reviving the industry.  We never had an arcade culture.  Super Mario Bros 1-3, Zelda 1 and 2, Punch Out and all those other beloved Nintendo classics were nowhere near as popular here.  The SNES actually struggled against the Mega Drive.  The Nintendo 64 and Gamecube basically started out dead in the water.  The old folks grew up with eight bit microcomputers (like the ZX Spectrum or the like), the younger ones often started with the Playstation 1 or 2.  Perhaps our gaming ‘culture’ basically makes it impossible for Nintendo to ever, ever succeed at appealing to the ‘core’ audience, since only the Wii and portable systems actually took off here.

Either way, it’s not good for the Wii U or Nintendo’s popularity in the UK.  Let’s hope the Wii U picks up soon.



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Joe (ジョー)
Joe (ジョー)
7 years ago

I thought sales improved in the UK…

7 years ago

That is just ridiculous. I hope I get a wii u soon they are so cool