Will there be DLC in other future Nintendo games?

As of the current point in time, Nintendo has released downloadable content (DLC) for Fire Emblem Awakening and New Super Mario Bros 2.  There’s a fair amount of debate about whether it’s too expensive in either game or whether it’s particularly well designed, but generally people seem to have reacted to it surprisingly well.

But what’s next?  What other games could potentially have downloadable content, and what would it be?  Here are my ideas for games that could need it, on both the 3DS and Wii U:

1. New Super Mario Bros U

With the game having bonus modes like Boost Rush (where the level auto scrolls faster and faster whenever you collect coins) and the challenges where you have to speedrun levels or jump on lots of enemies without hitting the ground, it seems reasonable to think that downloadable content is practically a given for this title.

Obviously, most of the extra content should just be additional challenge levels for these various bonus modes, but I do hope Nintendo goes a bit further than New Super Mario Bros 2 this time around and actually does something ‘ambitious’ with the DLC.  Basically, nothing people can remake by hacking the game with just a level editor please, but actual new resources, enemies, graphics and maybe even music.

Because hey, if downloadable content means quality new content with the ‘fanciness’ of Super Mario World hacks or Super Mario X custom levels, then I might actually pay for it this time around.

2. Super Smash Bros 4

Because what better way to keep fans happy than to give out or sell whatever characters and stages people wanted that couldn’t make it into the game due to development time and costs.  Not to mention, as of now Smash Bros as a series has always been limited by the release dates of each game in the series, any major new title released afterwards or developed at the same time tends to not be represented (like Super Mario Galaxy in Super Smash Bros Brawl)

Maybe they could even have a site or system where people vote for what stuff they want included and Nintendo’s design teams go and make said content to give away or sell.  It’d be a really nice way to fix up any shortcomings in the game’s content since they could ask gamers from all major regions to send in ideas for characters and stages to add then add the most popular, hence pleasing most of the fandom rather than just those who took part in the Japanese and US polls before the game’s release date.

Plus, if you offered different characters and stages for sale or free download, you could just let every Smash Bros fan decide what stuff they want in themselves rather than trying to please everyone with everything at once.  Some people might not want a bunch of lesser known Mario, Zelda or Pokemon characters as playable, or stages based on obscure Nintendo series they’ve never heard of, but others might appreciate such things.  The people who want Bowser Jr, Toad and Waluigi wouldn’t have to fight with those who want Ghirahim, Demise and Skull Kid about which second tier Mario or Zelda characters are more worthy than others.

Doesn’t that mean it makes sense to have downloadable content in Super Smash Bros 4?

3. Mario Kart U

Not a particularly obvious choice of title for downloadable content you might think, and you’d be right.  But there are quite a few neat things Nintendo could do with downloadable content and online functionality, such as:

Having competitions/tournaments/mission mode content as permanently downloadable.  It was pretty neat how you had a different challenge every week in Mario Kart Wii, but it really wasn’t as good as it could have been simply because you never ‘owned’ this additional content and only got it for a limited time period (or until the cycle repeats and the mission is reused again).  With downloadable content, you could theoretically download these levels and just practice on them whenever you liked.

Another neat idea could be similar to the weekly free puzzle thing one of the Professor Layton titles supposedly had.  Remember how Mario Kart 7 had kart customisation?  Imagine how cool it’d be if every week you got send a different new kart part (tyres, body, glider, etc) that you could keep!  It’d certainly keep the old metagame thing evolving, and people might actually have an incentive to keep at the game for months on end rather than quitting the minute they got all the unlockables.

Finally, maybe some course packs wouldn’t go amiss here.  One type of set could give you four levels from an earlier Mario Kart game (including ones reused in Mario Kart DS/Wii/7).  Another could give you four tough levels like the Nerve Wrack Pack that New Super Mario Bros 2 has available, and others could give you levels focused on certain types of gameplay like the underwater and gliding mechanics from Mario Kart 7, tricks, jumps, etc.  That seems like something you could sell at a reasonable price and that people might actually see value in, especially if you got to use these packs in Grand Prix, Time Trials, Vs and Online multiplayer (no idea how the latter would filter players though).

4. Animal Crossing Jump Out

Finally, here’s an obvious game for downloadable content, since Animal Crossing seems like the type of Nintendo title that would perfectly slot into the whole ‘freemium’ thing.  Okay, it wouldn’t be offered for free like so many games on Facebook, but you have to admit if any Nintendo game seems suitable for selling small in game items, it’s Animal Crossing.

Nintendo could even offer different content for different prices, some of which would be free and other stuff offered on a limited basis like in so many MMORPGs. You could have different holiday themed items and furniture released to commemorate specific events (and video game themed sets to promote upcoming games) which would be free, and then a marketplace of sorts selling yet more furniture sets and minor items and stuff for a small fee.

Oh, and before anyone gets annoyed at the idea and how such stuff could be a rip off (yes, I know people have a lot of complaints about similar stuff in other titles), I’m not saying Nintendo should limit content here.  The game you pay $50 for should still have hundreds if not thousands of items to get and tons of furniture, in game arcade games, houses/house designs and decoration to collect as well.  It’s just that Animal Crossing does seem like it’d open itself up to a bit of downloadable content due to the gameplay and premise of the series.

But those are just my ideas for what Nintendo games could have downloadable content similar to that in New Super Mario Bros 2.  Surely other people here have their own ideas, right?  What do you think Nintendo should do in respect to DLC for their future titles?


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