Why Super Smash Bros 4’s Single Player should be Like Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

Really, as neat as the Subspace Emissary was, it completely missed the point of Super Smash Bros.  No one wanted to fight generic robot like mooks and a shiny blue villain who wanted to conquer some dimension, they wanted an adventure that revolved around their favourite Nintendo characters and series.

Such as how Mushroom Kingdom Fusion works, with multiple video game universes merged into one and you having the ability to use all your favourite characters and make them beat bosses and villains from their own respective series:


Perhaps also like the fan game Abobo’s Big Adventure, which mixes a bunch of NES era games into one genre defying work:

No more attempts at Final Fantasy style plots or overly ‘original’ characters for a while please, Super Smash Bros is a massive multiplayer crossover game and should be happy with being just that.  It should be over the top, somewhat filled with action and based around the rule of cool. Don’t be idiots like Sega with their ‘Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games’ thing (no offence, but people don’t want these two in a sports game, they want them in a platformer), make the game that the fans and market likely want.

So what Smash Bros 4 needs for its main single player mode is a sort of cross between Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, the Subspace Emissary and Melee’s adventure mode.  It doesn’t need to be quite as long as the former (simply because Smash Bros is a multiplayer game at heart and needs room left on the disc for vs mode, classic mode, all star mode, stadium modes/mini games and trophies), but it should still be pretty long none the less.

Imagine if every single series represented in the game had at least two levels based off it!  Some of those would have boss battles against characters from the series that wouldn’t be playable (maybe Ridley if too big, maybe Demise or something from Zelda, Petey Piranha, that sort of thing), while others would just be lengthy levels in the style of the original series.

The first two or three levels might be based on Mario and have you heading across the Mushroom Kingdom, dodging and fighting the likes of Goombas and Koopas all the way.  Maybe you go across one of Bowser’s airships and fight the Koopalings.

Another few levels would be set in Hyrule in the style of the Legend of Zelda series, with the likes of Octoroks and Moblins and Bokoblins being the enemies you mow down in great numbers.  Obviously you’d go through different areas here, with the final one being a dungeon (maybe Hyrule Castle in the style of Twilight Princess or something) and the classic dungeon formula being in play (boss key, boss, puzzles, fighting Darknuts and Stalfos)

Others you’d explore would include a Metroid themed area with Metroids as enemies, a Yoshi’s Island themed area to represent the Yoshi series (complete with grassland, castle and another type of level), a Donkey Kong Country series of levels with a jungle, mine cart ride and bramble themed area (complete with barrel cannons, Kremlings and Zingers!) How about a Pokemon themed area where the Pokemon you fight are ordered around by trainers similar to the playable one?

Or a Kirby series of levels involving the Halberd and perhaps a fight with Marx or another such villain as a boss battle at the end?

Third parties wouldn’t get left out either.  Green Hill Zone might be a level complete with Sonic enemies and a fight against Dr Eggman/Robotnik at the end.  A location from the Metal Gear Solid series could be explored and the enemy soldiers beaten up by whoever you’re playing as.  If Mega Man ends up in, you’d explore Dr Wily’s skull case, dodge standard things like those quick man lasers and beat up the Yellow Devil as a mini boss…

Of course, not everything would need to be changed too much.  Most of the core mechanics used in the Subspace Emissary worked fine (although knockback should be reduced to make the game fairer) and the whole idea of new characters joining you after cut scenes/levels would work fantastically with the idea of multiple Nintendo themed worlds.  Maybe once you beat the villain they’d become a playable character, and the hero of each series would join you at the start of their respective world.

As for original characters, they too wouldn’t be entirely gone.  Sure you wouldn’t have as much focus on any Subspace army or random mecha mooks, but some of them would work fine in the finale levels (which would have a general Super Smash Bros theme), considering the final levels would be basically raiding the main villain’s fortress.  Think how better Brawl would have been if only the three or so ‘subspace’ levels had the subspace army.

Perhaps we could add final smashes to the boss battles to make it a bit more entertaining. Remember how in Mario and Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story you made Bowser giant to fight massive monsters many times bigger than himself?


Or how in some of the boss battles in Donkey Kong 64 Chunky Kong would go into some power up barrel to become a giant then get to repeatedly beat up the boss?


Imagine if in the next Smash Bros game, you got to do that against the bosses with a final smash attack!  It’d be pretty cool for the people playing as Bowser, or Wario, or Sonic to go all Giga Bowser/Wario Man/Super Sonic on the bosses and send them flying with each hit! It’d be awesome even with a standard final smash too, can you imagine Ganondorf using his Beast Ganon form on a boss?  Mario unleashing that hadoken of fiery death attack on the likes of Rayquaza, or Ness raining meteors down on a boss’s head?  Or the likes of Link rapidly slashing the Master Sword at Ridley’s head?


Imagine the above against the bosses in single player.  It’d be a pretty fun way to finish the match!

If this is the kind of single player mode found in Super Smash Bros 4, then I’ll be happy with it. What we need isn’t so overly ‘logical’ or ‘thought out’ story or something about trophies and Tabuu and what not, but a crossover that just takes it to extremes and becomes absolutely awesome as a result.


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