Why Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Shouldn’t Be Released on Wii

With yet another store listing Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon as a Wii U title, there’s a growing amount of belief that the game might well be coming to the Wii U after all, what with the likes of Best Buy listing it as such.  But in my opinion, the game shouldn’t be rereleased on Wii U, and here’s why…

1. It’s Been Out About Half a Year Tops

Seriously, the 3DS version of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon was only released in March this year, about 7 months ago.  Why the hell do we need a remake/port of it already?

The reason The Wind Waker HD and Ocarina of Time 3D were good ideas were because there was actually an audience out there who missed out on these classics the first time around (not everyone currently playing Nintendo games was even alive in the Gamecube or Nintendo 64 era).  Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon on the other hand?

Luigis Mansion 2 European Box Art

Above: This came out in March 2013.  It doesn’t need a remake.

Has been only released this year, and is still perfectly easy to find in shops to boot.  There’s no benefit to releasing it on yet another system given that anyone who likes the game has already likely played it.

2. The Market for the Wii U is too small to sustain it

The size of the market is a worry too, especially in terms of who exactly would even BUY a port/remake of this title.

I mean, how well did Wind Waker HD sell?  Oh yes, it sold less than a hundred thousand copies so far, yet was based on a title that sold over 5 million copies at retail the first time around.   Wii U games are generally selling horribly, and Wii U ports/remakes (aka not new games) are selling even worse than that.


Above: This game has sold about ten times less than it did on Gamecube.  Imagine how much worse a game selling half that amount would do…

Add how everyone interested in this game has likely bought it for the 3DS already, and what you left with?

A (very, very small) group of people who somehow managed to buy a Wii U but not a 3DS?  The even smaller percentage of said group who happen to like Luigi’s Mansion but hate the 3DS (all two of them)?  A couple of Nintendo loyalists who buy absolutely everything the company puts out for the sake of it (Game & Wario, Mario Pinball Land and Steel Diver and their ‘success’ should indicate how big that group of people is)

Mario Pinball Land

Above: Sold about 650,000 copies.

Game and Wario EU Boxart

Above: Sold a few hundred thousand copies at most.  That’s about how big the ‘buys anything company loyalist’ market is.

Point is, absolute no one would buy a Wii U ‘port’ or ‘remake’ of Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, and sometimes I suspect it wouldn’t even make it’s new development costs back.  The people who like Luigi’s Mansion 2 (myself included) are perfectly happy with the 3DS title and not particularly interested in buying it again for a different system.

3. We needs sequels and new games, not more ports and remakes

There’s also the minor matter that put simply, we’ve had too many ports and remakes in the last few years.

Ports do not sell.  Remakes mostly do not sell. They’re often a lazy attempt at making money from ‘loyalists’ who seem to either buy everything stuck on a store shelf with their favourite branding attached to it or people like myself who need an excuse to buy a console a few months early to avoid the Christmas rush.

Ocarina of Time 3d boxStar Fox 64 3D

Above: Let’s not release lots of ports/remakes on the Wii U as well.  Not like on the 3DS in its first year.
There’s also just too much of a glut of them in general.  Indeed, just look at the movie industry recently.  Remakes, remakes, reboots, sequels to films that no one cared about two decades ago… it’s just overdone.  It’s like companies are too dependent on the past to make anything interesting.

Let’s spend the effort on something new please.  Like maybe a Luigi’s Mansion 3 (which you can see my ideas for in this article) or better yet, a brand new game we haven’t had already about seven months ago.  How about a new Metroid title for the Wii U?  A new F-Zero or Star Fox?  New Wario Land game?  To remake a game that’s not even been out a year is just ridiculous and it just gives the ‘Nintendo releases too many Mario games’ haters even more reason to gloat about the Wii U.  More new stuff, less remakes and ports.

4. The effort spent on upscaling could be used elsewhere

Another reason I don’t think a Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon ‘HD port’ or remake would be a good idea is that a significant amount of effort would have to be put into redoing things like the graphics that could be devoted to new projects at Nintendo.

Think about it.  Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is a 3DS game, it’s meant for the small screen and designed to work well with it.  So things like the models and textures used are not exactly HD quality in the slightest, because they’re designed to be seen in 3D on a tiny screen on a much weaker system than the Wii U.

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon plant mansion

Above: I suspect this would look a lot worse if magnified to fit on a TV and done in ‘HD’ with no structural changes.

And so if you just up ported those to the Wii U as is, they’d look ugly as sin.  Because they’re not meant to be viewed on some gigantic TV screen where you can see every little pixel on screen at the clearest level of detail possible.

Nintendo would have to literally replace almost all the models and redo all the textures to make it look good on the Wii U. It’s the same reason the likes of Majora’s Mask will never get a HD remake, because absolutely everything would have to be completely redone from scratch to make it look good in HD.


Above: Was made because it was easy to upscale to HD.

Now that’s not to say something like this has never been done.  I mean, the Pokemon remakes, Super Mario 64 DS and a couple of other such titles completely redid every single graphic in the original game to bring them to up to date for new technology.  But this took a lot of time, effort and money to achieve.  More than the likes of the Wind Waker HD or any other recent port/remake did, and so it’s time and effort that could be spent on new projects with a better chance of selling.

5. What’s there to add anyway?

Finally, you need to ask yourself one more question about a possible Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon port/remake.  What, other than graphics, could be added/redone?

Because every other Nintendo remake/port in recent history added/changed some important stuff.  Super Mario 64 DS and the Pokemon remakes added huge swathes of new content and basically rebuilt the entire game from scratch.  Ocarina of Time was a bit like a tech demo, but added Master Quest, boss rushes and simplified things like the Water Temple.  The Wind Waker HD sped up sailing and fixed the Triforce Quest to make it more fun.

But what could Dark Moon add/change?

I’m not talking about wishful thinking ideas here either, we all know how they could ‘theoretically’ change the mission system to act like the original’s save structure or add portrait ghosts to different mansions or remaking the ScareScraper.  Nintendo doesn’t go that far any more, they didn’t bother to add the cut dungeons to the Wind Waker HD or anything of the sort.

No, let’s talk minor features/tweaks they could make.  Have any ideas?

I don’t.  Glitch fixing in multiplayer?  Not really, the amount of issues there mean you’d need to take a hacksaw to the original ‘code’ and redo everything from scratch to get rid of ’em.  Checkpoints in mansions?  Guess that might be one thing, but it’s not exactly a big game selling change is it?

Practically speaking, Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon has no huge problems that need fixing.  It has no minor tweaks that could be made to make it sell on a completely different console months after its first release.  What’s the point?

All in all, I don’t see Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon as a game that even remotely needs a HD port or remake.  It’s only been out a few months, would be fairly niche on the new system and would take too many resources away from Nintendo that could be used on more worthwhile projects like brand new games.


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Ashley Hose
Ashley Hose
8 years ago

I doubt Luigi’s Mansion is really coming to the Wii U. I’m sure it is some sort of mess up considering that there is a 3DS bundle with Luigi’s Mansion. It’s more likely that they are getting that bundle too than the Wii U getting an HD Luigi’s Mansion. As for remakes, they really don’t bother me. I really liked Wind Waker HD because I didn’t give the original game a chance. Also, people aren’t “loyalists” just for buying a remake or other games, but I do agree that Nintendo does need to be working on more original games. I… Read more »

Who cares?
Who cares?
8 years ago
Reply to  Ashley Hose

I agree, and a new metroid Wii u is a good idea.

Ashley Hose
Ashley Hose
8 years ago
Reply to  Who cares?

I wasn’t even thinking of Metroid when I wrote that but you are right. A new Metroid would absolutely beautiful on the Wii U.

8 years ago

There will always be a place for remakes/ports. Not that I don’t agree that resources should be focused on current gen games, but it makes perfect business sense to remake and port games over. Of course you have to rebuild models and textures, this is still loads quicker to turn around than a new game. Development time for Wind Waker was 6 months. New Zelda titles take roughly 5 years to make, so I would say that it’s a fair compromise for less sales and also keeping the Wii U game library stacked for content. One of my favourite remade… Read more »

Jonathan Dogey
Jonathan Dogey
8 years ago

The author of this article is not right. I think the big mistake was releasing Dark Moon on 3DS. I wanted to play this long awaited sequel on the BIG SCREEN!! Not a stupid little small 3DS screen. It was a huge letdown getting this game released on 3DS.

Michael Goddard
Michael Goddard
8 years ago

“A (very, very small) group of people who somehow managed to buy a Wii U but not a 3DS?” I must be in the very small group of people who does not want to buy a 3DS for luigi’s mansion. When it dawns on people that the Wii U is basically a scaled up version of a DS without the screens being attached to one unit, then the realisation that some of the 3DS games might work as well, if not better on a bigger screen . The problem lies with up scaling resolutions to HD. I would love a… Read more »

Alex ender
Alex ender
8 years ago

Controls will be the same so what if its on it