Why is Donkey Kong Country Returns getting a 3DS Port?

Rather than say, a new game?  Because while Donkey Kong Country Returns does seem like a good game to port to the 3DS because of how well the 3D effect works with the graphics depth and what not, it also seems like a bit of a waste at this point in the 3DS’ lifespan.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Japanese10

Above: This looks good, but it doesn’t hide the fact we’ve played it already.

It also makes me wonder how Donkey Kong has really ‘returned’ if the only thing he’s gotten since Returns in 2009 is a remake.  Remember Donkey Kong Country in Rare’s time?  Yeah, we got three seperate Donkey Kong Countrys and three Donkey Kong Land titles in about three years.  You’d think that a ‘return’ would mean more than one game across multiple Nintendo systems, right?

Consistent DK Games

Above: Return implies more than one game in about three years. Look how often Donkey Kong games were released in the 90s!

Or if a new game is a bit much due to the new assets like graphics and music that would have to be created, why not do what Rare did with their own Donkey Kong platformers on handheld titles?  Make a remixed version of the console game with different levels and boss strategies, then sell it as Donkey Kong Land Returns or something.  That’d be a bit better than just remaking the Wii game and adding a few levels and items, right?

Above: Donkey Kong Land 2 involved new level designs for old levels and the odd new level…

Above: Whereas the third game had new levels with punny names like Red Wharf and Miller Instinct

So why not do this?  Why not use the same resources used for Donkey Kong Country Returns and use them in a ‘new’ game of sorts with new level designs, different maps, new boss attacks, etc?  Make something that feels like a handheld successor to the original Wii game rather than a port with a few new elements thrown in.

Not to mention that with the same resources, the game could still make good use of the 3DS’s 3D effects.  Sure you might not have the exact same scenarios as the barrel cannon ride in Longshot Launch or the going into the background and revisiting the beach thing from Mast Blast, but surely someone could create some new levels that look just as stunning.

So that’s what I think. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity to do more than a port/remake of the Wii game, and that Nintendo should probably have made something more like the Donkey Kong Land series instead.


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