Where’s the Pikmin 3 Iwata Asks

For the most part, every major (or minor) Nintendo game of recent years has gotten an Iwata Asks interview dedicated to it.  Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, Wonderful 101, Mario & Luigi Dream Team… even Pokemon X and Y got an Iwata Asks interview just a week or so ago.  All except one game… Pikmin 3.

Seriously, look it up.  The last ten or so Iwata Asks articles are dedicated to the following titles:

  1. Pokemon X and Y
  2. The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD
  3. StreetPass Relay Points
  4. The Wonderful 101
  5. New Super Luigi U
  6. Mario & Luigi Dream Team
  7. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity
  8. Game & Wario
  9. Animal Crossing New Leaf
  10. Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon


That’s near enough everything major and ‘new’ that Nintendo has released in last 10 or so months.  And it’s not just ‘games’ either, we’ve also had articles about DLC (New Super Luigi U), technology (StreetPass Relay Points) and even at one point before the Wii U and 3DS, a person got their own Iwata Asks (Yoichi Kotabe).  Yet for no apparent reason, Pikmin 3 appears to be completely absent from the list.

So why is this?  Why is Nintendo consciously NOT releasing an Iwata Asks dedicated to Pikmin 3?  Surely this ‘multiple times delay’, ex Wii game should be something a really interesting article could be dedicated to, right?

Pikmin 3 box

Above: Why does this game not have an Iwata Asks article?

It’s also one of Miyamoto’s favourite projects, so shouldn’t that make an Iwata Asks more likely? I mean, all the other games he’s worked on in the last year and a half or so have an article about them.  It seems like a very strange omission given how much hype Pikmin 3 got before its release.

There are different theories about this.  Well okay, there’s one other theory, the one by a fellow called ‘Sean Malstrom’ where he basically accuses Miyamoto of censorship by not letting an article about his ‘prize game’ go out on Nintendo’s website.  Presumably because it’d hurt the reputation of him or the company by showing the initial internal resistance towards the game’s development and make him somehow look bad/out of touch.  You can read his theories on this at the links below if you’re interested:




But I’m not convinced.  For starters, Pikmin 3 isn’t a bad game, regardless of what some Nintendo critics believe.  And even if it was, keep in mind that such ‘classics’ as Game & Wario and WarioWare Snapped got a developer interview on the Iwata Asks site.  You know, two games which score around the 50-60% mark on Metacritic and failed to sell more than a few hundred thousand copies worldwide.  Those are the nearest things to complete failures in recent Nintendo history and yet they still got an article about them.

WarioWare Snapped Game and Wario EU Boxart

Above: Both these games have Iwata Asks articles, despite being horribly received.

I’m also not convinced it’s due to some ‘development secret’ that’d mess up Shigeru Miyamoto’s career if made public. After all, didn’t Paper Mario Sticker Star get an Iwata Asks article?  Well yes, yes it did.  And the results of that article practically sunk Miyamoto’s reputation among many Nintendo fans.  What the hell could be worse in a Pikmin 3 article?  Heck, anything short of ‘Miyamoto led a hostile mutiny at the Nintendo of Japan HQ’ or ‘Miyamoto tells Mario developers to never innovate to avoid overshadowing Super Mario Bros 3’ wouldn’t do much more to his rep than Sticker Star did.  What in the name of [whoever] would be so dangerous to reveal when discussing Pikmin 3’s development?

Paper Mario Sticker Star Box

Above: If Nintendo wanted to avoid Miyamoto’s reputation being hurt, they wouldn’t have released an Iwata Asks for this game.

But even despite the somewhat crazy assertions about Pikmin 3 implied by Mr Malstrom’s articles and thoughts on the game and Nintendo, the question still stands.  Where is Pikmin 3’s Iwata Asks?  Why is it not up despite months having gone since this much hyped Nintendo game was released?  What is Nintendo trying to hide here?


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