Where are the 3DS First Person Shooters?

Sometimes, third parties just make no darn sense. On a system with no ability at all to run a First Person Shooter like the GBA or DS, they make a ton of them. Yet on the 3DS, a system basically built for the genre, they don’t make or release any?

I don’t get it. Why are there so few FPS games on the 3DS? The system’s got the level of power of a Gamecube/Wii/last gen home console, and we got a ton of such games on these systems. It’s not like the original DS (or even worse, the GBA) where any attempt at 3D would end up being a bit of a blurry mess.

It’s even more baffling considering that the places the console needs more sales are the areas where First Person Shooters are some of the most popular types of games. Okay, they’re not necessary in Japan, but what about the US and European gamers who like games such as Call of Duty and Halo? What’s there incentive to buy a 3DS? Where’s the Metroid Prime Hunters equivalent that focuses on online multiplayer and builds a community up again?

Talking of Metroid Prime Hunters, whether you like or hate it as a Metroid game, you have to admit it’d be a great game for the 3DS. Look at the original game’s problems. It was too bland in single player mode because a lot of resources had to be put into the multiplayer, it had pretty bare bones graphics and technical qualities compared to the likes of the Gamecube and Wii Prime games and had an online limited by the archaic design of the original DS’s internet services.

All these things could be fixed if it got a 3DS sequel. The main adventure could be made more interesting like the ones in the original Metroid Prime and Prime 3 complete with all the familiar Metroid characters and bosses that entails (like Ridley). The graphics, music and other technical aspects could be made ten times better and even match the console games in the series, and more importantly, the online play would be quite a bit better.

Having just one friend code across the whole system? Absolute godsend for this type of game. Having absolutely no hackers as of this point in time? Even better, especially when you consider how hackers have basically destroyed the original game’s multiplayer with aimbots and other such codes.

Not to mention that the 3DS really needs more games focused on online multiplayer. Sure Mario Kart 7, Street Fighter IV 3D and Kid Icarus Uprising are nice enough, but practically speaking that’s pretty much all the online capable games the system has as the moment. Games with online multiplayer build community, they get fans talking more and they help consoles become more popular. Why so few on the 3DS?

But a sequel to Metroid Prime Hunters is only one game. Where are the third party FPS games? Why’s there not been a single Call of Duty game on the 3DS so far despite it being a console that could seemingly handle a game not much difference from the home consoles? And how about some other attempts?

Why are there no First Person Shooters on 3DS? And should there be?


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8 years ago

Agreed! I think that it would be great a new Dementium, Metroid Prime Hunters,CoD or any FPS game in it.It really lacks in this genre.

Guest 13
Guest 13
6 years ago

I know I’m a little late… but there are over 50 first person shooters/third person shooters out now for the 3ds.

5 years ago
Reply to  Guest 13

No, no there are not.
There are a total of 3 FPS games right now, Moon, Dementium, and Firefighter.
Third person games don’t count as a First Person shooter.