When Will Nintendo Announce DLC for more Important 3DS Games?

When it comes to implementing DLC in their games, you have to admit Nintendo is one of the better companies in the market.  After all, we get actual ‘add on’ content like New Super Luigi U and extra characters/campaigns for titles like Pikmin 3 and Fire Emblem Awakening for goodness sake.  But there’s one thing that’s been bugging me for a while now.

Namely, when the heck are we getting more DLC for well… more interesting titles?

Because at the moment, it seems like DLC is mostly being released for games in which its ‘easy’ to add rather than those which could be improved even more.  Like New Super Mario Bros 2 and U.  Good games, but come on, the only reason they got DLC (practically speaking) is because they’re 2D platformers with a bare minimum of unique content in each level.  For the most part, it’s the kind of thing an amateur could do in about three months in Lunar Magic or Super Mario Bros X.


Above: Not bashing this, but… making new Mario levels with existing resources is not that impressive.

Above: Especially when people like this fan game maker have managed to design about 30 full length Mario games in approx 3 years.  One person.

Now, that’s not to say the other games weren’t impressive as far as adding DLC goes.  Pikmin 3 looks like it was absolute hell to design add on content for based on its graphics and 3D modelling alone, and Fire Emblem Awakening at least meant lots of new sprites/character models to make… but it still makes me wonder when the more ‘impressive’ 3DS and Wii U games will get DLC.

Like Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon.  Will we ever get DLC for that?  Because surprisingly, I’d probably pay for it if we did.  But I suspect Nintendo don’t want to add any DLC for the game for ‘technical difficulties’ alone, the old issue of not wanting to come up with new puzzles, new 3D models, new textures, new music with about ten variations based on location and new enemies/bosses.

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Screen 2

Above: I really want to play more Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. And not just ScareScraper/Thrill Tower.

How about Mario Kart 7?  We ever gonna get new tracks or characters for that?


Above: DLC character #1 for Mario Kart 7.

How about 3D Land?  Oh wait, 3D World is out.  None the less, are we going to get DLC for Mario 3D World sometime soon?  Because there’s a lot of great possibilities they could come up with there to suit different characters and power ups and whatever.

What about Mario & Luigi Dream Team?  I’d love extra content for that game, like maybe a few extra bosses for the Battle Ring or something.   Unfortunately, I suspect the bean counters are probably going ‘pay people to draw a few million more sprite poses and program new attacks?  Screw that’.


So that’s what I think.  We need more DLC for the more ‘technically impressive’ and ‘interesting’ games on the 3DS and Wii U.  Less New Super Mario Bros levels, more content for actually original titles.

Agree?  Disagree?  What Wii U and 3DS games do you think should get downloadable content?


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Jesus Eduardo Lara Ortiz
Jesus Eduardo Lara Ortiz
6 years ago

Kid Icarus Uprising, I’m not asking for new weapons, because those would need to be balanced and stuff, what I want to know is Magnus backstory, Dark Pit’s own adventure and maybe new multiplayer stages with new tricks.

I would buy all of it without caring, all I want is DLC for my favorite 3DS game 😀