The 2018 Gaming April Fool’s Day Joke Round Up

Eevee Pro Wrestler

Well, it’s that time of year again. Yup, it’s April 1st, or April Fool’s Day for the internet population. And like every other year, that means plenty of jokes and fake announcements from game developers, publishers, critics and others in the gaming industry.

So here at Gaming Reinvented, we’ve decided to list them all. From Mario Wiki to Pokemon and Square Enix, here are today’s coolest April Fool’s Day jokes!

Games Industry Jokes

Starting with a few from actual game developers and companies. Such as Capcom’s Mega Man ones…

Fake Robot Masters from Mega Man 11

Which in Japan, means a bunch of fake Robot Masters supposedly included in Mega Man 11. These include the somewhat Indiana Jones inspired Whip Man, what appears to be Guts Man in a business suit and… this weird office lady robot:

Whip Man

Business Man

Office Worker Robot

Yeah, they’re all parody shout outs to other media.

Date My Robot Master

Which is 100% not the case with Capcom’s US joke. Oh no, in that one they announce a Mega Man dating sim called ‘Date My Robot Master’. Yes, it really is as ridiculous as it sounds. After all, who could possibly believe this could be real?

No one, that’s who! Mega Man has never and will never do anything that ridiculous, he just can’t…

Mega Man Soccer

Oh, forget it. If Mega Man Football was real, then in some alternate universe a Mega Man dating sim could have been real too.

But it’s not, moving on…

Final Fantasy XIV Online GO

Namely to Square Enix’s jokes. Of which their first one was a Final Fantasy XIV spinoff inspired by Pokemon GO.

Maganai Fantasy

And their second one was… this thing. A trailer for a non-existent retraux game called Maganai Fantasy:

Which was actually pretty cool looking to be honest. After all, who could ever say no to a new classic style Final Fantasy? One with 8-bit sprites even?

Not us, that’s for sure!

The Team Rocket Takeover

As for Nintendo, well they did a few things for today themselves. Like having Team Rocket take over their website and social media accounts for the day, in the most glorious fashion possible:

Pokemon GO Sprites

Whereas Niantic Labs decided to replace many of the Pokemon graphics with sprite-based versions for a ‘retro’ look. Eh, pretty neat, though the lack of changes to the map and actual encounter setup hold it back from being truly awesome.

Pokemon GO Sprites

Eevee the Pro Wrestler

As for the Japanese Pokemon creators… well they took things in a bit of different angle again. Namely, by having Eevee become a pro wrestler.

Yup, a pro wrestler. With New Japan Pro Wrestling none the less!

Eevee Pro Wrestler

Still, the jokes don’t stop there. Nope, they’ve got a secondary joke up their sleeve too…

Slowpoke the Mayor

Aka one where Slowpoke becomes ‘mayor’ of Kawaka Prefecture. Again, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds:

But hey, we’re guessing by this point you’re getting a bit sick of all the Pokemon jokes. We get it, there are quite a few of them on this list, perhaps because every region and subsidiary came up with their own.
However, there are plenty of other funny jokes coming up, so let’s move on.

Platinum Games’ Pocket President Figurines

Pocket President

To a joke by Platinum Games, where they say they’ll be selling figurines of their company CEO for you to buy and take around. It’s a neat concept, though perhaps a bit less interesting than it’d be to see a Hideki Kamiya one instead…

Blizzard Arcade Games

And quite a bit less interesting than the joke Blizzard Korea came up with today. Why? Because their prank is about supposedly making arcade games based on their PC titles. Like this one, World of Warcraft Dance Battle:

World of Warcraft Dance Battle

Or this fighting game based on Heroes of the Storm:

Fighters of the Storm

Or even a rail shooter based on Diablo 3:

Diablo Arcade

Definitely one to check out, if you ever want to see what arcade spinoffs of popular PC titles would be like. Or if you feel like seeing the results of Konami buying out Blizzard…

The PlayStation Board Game

But not all of today’s jokes revolve around video games. Oh no, some are based on ridiculous video game merchandise instead, like Sony’s announcement of a PlayStation board game.

PlayStation Board Game

Yeah, board game. Who needs a PS4 where you can sit around the table with a board and counters?

Horizon Zero Dawn Body Pillow

Those without someone to play games with presumably. Still, the makers of Horizon Zero Dawn have them covered with a body pillow based on the main character:

Yeah, it’s ridiculous, but it’s quite amusing none the less. Indeed, part of us even wonders whether certain Japanese developers are already expanding into this market…

The Mummy Demastered Remastered

Ah well, enough with the pointless speculation for now. Here’s WayForward’s April Fool’s Day joke, a ‘remastered’ version of their game based on The Mummy:

The Mummy Demastered Remastered

And as you can see, they certainly went full in on the ridiculousness here. Wow, it’s even coming to the TurboGrafx 16, what a deal!

War Thunder’s Hats for Tanks

Never the less, in an era of New Super Mario Bros and the Nintendo 2DS, the idea of a remastered demake doesn’t seem all too silly.

However, War Thunder’s new update may well be. Why? Because it’s supposedly going to allow tanks to wear hats. As in, military vehicles with giant oversized top hats and jester caps. Who’d ever expect that!

Tank with Hat

*Goes back and plays Super Mario Odyssey, notices the Sherms*


Oh, never mind. Guess the world’s got so ridiculous even the April Fool’s Day jokes are indistinguishable from reality.

Mech Warrior Online’s Corgi Mech

Which makes the new Corgi mech in Mech Warrior Online look like the most standard thing in the world by comparison. Oh sure, a dog shaped giant robot would be really ridiculous in any other year, but in 2018? That thing seems par for the course!

Corgi Mech


Though Jagex’s version of Alexa is ridiculous enough to be hilarious none the less. Ah the joys of wanting to know about the real world before getting fed facts about Runescape:

Chairs in Guild Wars 2

There’s also the recent Guild Wars 2 ‘announcement’ about chairs being added to the game. Nothing too crazy joke wise, though the way they heavily advertise the concept of sitting down is amusing in its own right.

Cuisine Royale

As well as Enlisted’s new game, Cuisine Royale. Take the experience of being a killer chef and turn it into a video game to remember!

Cuisine Royale

Kingdom Come Deliverance’s Lootboxes and Horse Skins

That said, not every joke today is going for the wacky angle. No, the one for Kingdom Come Deliverance is just a mock announcement that lootboxes and horse skins have been added to the game:

It’s a simple joke, but an effective one in the age of microtransactions and rip-off publishers.

Game Community April Fool’s Day Jokes

Still, that’s it for the company jokes today. Time for some fan made ones instead.

Sonic 06 on Nintendo Switch

Like Nintendo Wire’s ‘trailer’ for Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 on Nintendo Switch. It’s not real, but in today’s crazy world it may as well be:

The Mario and Sonic Subreddit Swap

As for the folks on Reddit, well they decided a bit of subreddit swapping was in order. Cue the Mario subreddit looking like a Sonic the Hedgehog one, and the Sonic one becoming dedicated to the Italian plumber:

Swapped Subreddits

Raocow Buys MFGG

On the independent forums the jokes kept coming too. Like how on MFGG, the whole thing received an ASMT themed make over as the staff ‘announced’ that popular Let’s Player Raocow had bought the site and rebranded it after himself.

Mario Wiki’s All New Funky Kong Mode

Whereas the people at Mario Wiki decided to follow Nintendo’s lead and add a ‘Funky Kong Mode’ to the wiki. As you can expect, this edits every story on the home page to be about Funky Kong instead:

Funky Kong Mode

Bulbagarden Goes Green

Meanwhile over at NIWA co-member Bulbagarden, their staff decided it’d be better to play up the second part of their name instead of the first. So, for one day only, the site decided to rebrand itself as a normal gardening forum:

Bulbagarden Revamp


Smashboards played a joke too, aka rebranding the site after Ridley from the Metroid series. Who said he was ‘too big’ for Smash?


A Very Special Boundary Break

Likely the same person who thought Boundary Break should stay a ‘completely serious’ show. Either way, it didn’t, with creator Shesez teaming up with Hat-Loving Gamer to create a very special episode:

Yeah, it’s not your traditional Boundary Break episode by any means of the term. So, check it out for yourself instead, since us telling you what happens would spoil the whole surprise there.

And while you’re at it, maybe tell us what you thought of the jokes too. Were there any on the above list you really liked? Or perhaps any notable pranks we missed here on Gaming Reinvented?

Tell us what you think here in the comments section or over at the Gaming Latest forums today!


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