Ten Awesome Mario Bosses I’d Love to see Fought in Mario & Luigi Series Giant Battles

Generally, many people see the giant Luigi and Bowser battles in the last two Mario & Luigi games as some of the best bits of the entire series.  You’ve got the epic music playing as two gigantic playable ‘heroes’ beat the hell out of enemies that tower over the landscape, the pure feeling of being a badass that comes from defeating a god like being with powers so unimaginably great a normal boss fight would be impossible and all kinds of great uses of the DS or 3DS technology to boot.

But while the giant bosses we do get to fight are amazing, there are some giant Mario characters that never do get a battle in this format.  Like ones from mainstream Mario platformers of a similar size that’d work really well, or those from the other RPGs where this mechanic doesn’t exist.  So here are ten awesome Mario/Mario universe bosses I’d love to see fought in a Mario & Luigi style giant battle…

10. Hooktail (or one of the other Paper Mario dragons)


First on the giant bosses I’d love to see list, any one of the dragons from the Paper Mario series.  Okay, you did get to fight them in a normal battle in that series, but you still have to admit a giant Luigi or Bowser fight with them would be even cooler.

Forget having just their head on screen now, you could see the whole body of the dragon and even have it do things like hover in mid air and shoot fireballs, fly or other such stuff instead!  Perhaps you could deflect its megabreath style attack to avoid taking damage, or physically smash it into the castle it’s fought near as well.  Either way, a giant Luigi fight with Hooktail or one of its relatives would be an absolutely awesome, would it not?

9. Tough Possessor (Knight from Luigi’s Mansion 2)

The knight boss from Dark Moon would also be a neat opponent to fight as giant Luigi.  Just look at the last suit of armour here:

That thing just seems perfect for a giant Luigi opponent.  Instead of Luigi cowering and gulping when he sees it, you’d have the usual music start to play:

Then all the Luiginoids start flying into Dreamy Luigi like usual, his cap glows green in the ‘real world’ and one heck of an epic battle begins.

Forget running away and tripping it up, you’d get to counter his attacks one on one.  Smash the smaller suits of armour as they charge towards Dreamy Luigi to try and hit him with their various weapons.  Use your hammer to send him flying into the ravine surrounding Treacherous Mansion.  That sort of thing.

Wouldn’t that be an awesome battle?  And wouldn’t it be even cooler than the Stop the Knightmare mission from Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon to boot?

8. Kerozene (Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA)

Wait, who?  This guy from the GBA port of Donkey Kong Country 2.  The giant castle sized Kremling you fight in the redone Stronghold Showdown level:

Seems like a decent idea for a boss to fight as either giant Luigi or Bowser, doesn’t it?

You can almost see the whole battle already.  Luigi has to jump in the air to dodge the fireballs he shoots at the ground underneath Luigi! He has to use his hammer to smash the Kleevers that the boss is dual wielding out of his hands!  And at one point, the boss could climb upwards, forcing Luigi to go after him King Kong style like that climax where Kong climbs the Empire State Building.

Maybe a horizontal hammer blow does enough damage the boss even falls OFF the tower temporarily, causing damage to it when it smashes into the floor below with an almighty crash.

It’s not a well known boss by any means, but it’s one I think would be amazing to see transformed in a giant Luigi or Bowser opponent.

7. Megahammer (from Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Seriously, just look at this guy for a minute.  He’s an absolutely massive robot with a bunch of giant mallets for hands that shoots Bullet Bills and has blatant targets all over his body.  He’s just PERFECT for a giant Luigi boss battle opponent.


Above: It’s almost like a giant Luigi boss fought a few years too early…

In fact, I can almost see how the battle might work right now. The boss swings his hammer down on Luigi?  Luigi holds up his own hammer and the player has to repeatedly tap the moving target to make Luigi push the attack back (like in the final giant battle or the Drilldigger one).  Boss shoots Bullet Bills?  Luigi has to hammer them away so they hit the boss.  And for extra coolness, Luigi’s Hammer Uppercut would target the boss’ cockpit, with it breaking after a few hits and Bowser Jr being stunned for a turn or two (complete with the player being able to get in a few more hits).

And hey, using Finishing Bros to finish off a Galaxy 2 boss in a space station?  Seems rather appropriate if you ask me.

6. Megaleg (Super Mario Galaxy 1 humongous mecha)

Another opponent I want to see giant Luigi face is Megaleg, the giant robot boss from the original Super Mario Galaxy.  You see, it was already pretty cool to have Mario take down a giant robot by himself back in 2007, right?

But that was then.  Now though, we don’t have to have colossus climb style battles, we can actually have a Mario character take them on at their own size!  This would make for a far more intense battle than the somewhat… basic battle we got in Galaxy 1’s first Bowser mission, right?

And hey, we’ve never had a giant Luigi battle in outer space with Galaxy style gravity, have we?  Imagine how cool it’d look to hit the boss back with the hammer and see it actually fly round the planet from the impact. Or to have Luigi jump up in an arc before landing on its weak spot and doing significant damage.

Add in a few more fancy attacks and counters (perhaps one has you lift up one of its legs to avoid it crushing Luigi, like you did against the final giant boss in Dream Team) and you’ve got a boss which seems just perfectly for the type of awesome gameplay that are the giant Luigi fights in Dream Team!

5. Giant Luigi vs Giant Bowser’s Opponents

Not a new opponent to the Mario & Luigi series, but come on, I can’t be the only one desperately wishing to see this.  Basically, Giant Luigi takes on the opponents Giant Bowser fought in Bowser’s Inside Story and has to find new ways to counter or dodge their attacks.

For instance, wouldn’t it be awesome to see Luigi sending Bowser’s Castle flying backwards with a giant sledgehammer in the same way that Bowser punched it across the landscape?  Or to see how Giant Luigi could cope with and destroy the Fawful Express?  That fight could be rather interesting to be honest, since while the train was too low for Bowser’s punch… I can easily see Luigi being able to jump on it to cause damage or even swing his hammer downwards to hit the train as it tries to speed across the Mushroom Kingdom.

And to see Luigi face off against the Super Peach Castle boss (the one that fires black holes from a cannon and that tries to blast Bowser with laser beams) would be absolutely freaking epic.  Imagine countering this guy with the hammer and jump instead of fireballs and punching:

That would be an absolutely amazing fight.

Similarly, wouldn’t it be cool to see giant Bowser take on Giant Luigi’s enemies from Dream Team?  I think so.  See how Bowser copes with Robo Drilldigger, Mount Pajamaja or Earthwake with only his fists and fire breath as weapons.

Nintendo so needs to make this happen.

4. Yoob (Mario & Luigi Partners in Time)

You know, that Shroob like Yoshi thing you see in area 2 of Mario & Luigi Partners in Time.  The one that had a weird Yoshi factory inside of it and that ended up being made large enough to climb the outside of a mountain.


Above: Who gets much bigger than he does in this picture.

That thing never actually got a boss fight did it?  Heck, the game doesn’t even bother to tell you what happens to it after the events on Yoshi’s Island, presumably just having it hanging off the side of a cliff for the next few thousand years.

So why not make it an opponent in a giant Luigi/Bowser/whoever battle in a future game?  After all, it’d be a nice way to wrap up the events of Partners in Time for once and for all, and I suspect AlphaDream would have had you fight it had Partners in Time had an equivalent to giant battles.

Yoob giant battle for the win!

3. King K Rool (as his giant form from Jungle Climber)

Yeah, I know.  King K Rool is a Donkey Kong Country series bad guy (although one was already mentioned above).  But come on, he turned giant in Jungle Climber already:

Above: Giant King K Rool would be an interesting foe…

So why not have giant Luigi or even Bowser step up to fight him?  The latter could even be the one of the most ‘epic’ villain showdowns in Nintendo history, what with King K Rool and Bowser have a mutual dislike for one another (see their abysmal ‘chemistry’ in Super Sluggers) and a fantastic way to introduce K Rool to the Mario franchise proper.

It’d be the ultimate villain versus villain battle, the true test of who the better evil king is.  And you could even reuse the black hole gimmick from the Super Peach Castle battle by having Bowser shoot out of barrel cannons towards King K Rool to cause more damage.

King K Rool vs Giant Bowser so needs to happen one day!

2. Midbus (against either Bowser or Luigi)

Remember this guy?  Fawful’s second in command in Bowser’s Inside Story?  Remember how we never got to take on a giant version of Midbus in a giant Bowser battle?


Well wouldn’t it be awesome to see either giant Bowser or giant Luigi finally take on a similarly upsized Midbus in an ultimate battle?

You could have him powered up by the Dark Star or something and given his blizzard Midbus moves to use.  Or have him fight as a sort of evil counterpart to giant Bowser with a similar moveset.  And it’d finally mean the rivalry between the two could come to an end.

Or in the case of a giant Luigi fight, it’d give the Mario bros the chance to actually battle him, something they could never do in Bowser’s Inside Story.  Midbus definitely needs to be a giant boss in a future Mario & Luigi game.

1. King Boo

Luigi vs King Boo

Above: Why did this matchup never happen in Dream Team as well?

Finally, we’ve got King Boo.  You know, Luigi’s arch nemesis?  The main villain in the Luigi’s Mansion series?

Indeed, I do have to say I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t actually show up in Dream Team anywhere.  I mean, you’ve got a game that involves you going inside someone’s mind and subconscious, with an area explicitly meant to detail Luigi’s worst fears and deepest feelings called ‘Dream’s Deep’. Yet your arch enemy/nemesis doesn’t show up there in some form?

Regardless of his non showing though, King Boo makes perfect sense as a giant Luigi boss for a future game. You’ve got the ‘epic’ feel to it with Luigi going up against his worst enemy in the ultimate showdown inside his mind.  You’ve got a huge amount of potential references to the Luigi’s Mansion games you could shove in, such as the various ghosts being part of King Boo’s attacks, and his abilities could make for quite an interesting battle.

For instance, you could have him charge across the screen and Luigi have to intercept him with his hammer.  Or fireballs you have to deflect.

Or more interesting, stuff like King Boo teleporting and Luigi having to quickly hammer him when he appears to stop him shooting a fireball or hitting Luigi.  You could have suits of armour or unicorn statues (like in the Boolossus fight) that Luigi can smash King Boo into with a Hammer Uppercut attack.  Attacks where Luigi has to be moved around with the touch screen to dodge lightning bolts and energy blasts.  Heck, you could even include the Star Driver gimmick at the end by having ghosts fly at the star and Mario have to dodge them by swerving left or right like in the final giant Luigi battle in Dream Team.

And hey, the background could even have all those creepy windows and things from the intro to the final fight in Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon, as well as various mansion hallways and weird dimension switches.

So yes, we really need to see King Boo as a giant Luigi boss in a future game.

Well, those are my choices for bosses I’d love to see either Giant Luigi or Giant Bowser battle in a future Mario & Luigi game (or a spinoff devoted entirely to the giant enemy battles).  Do you agree with them?  Disagree?  What other giant bosses from Mario or Nintendo series would you like to see Luigi or Bowser face in giant boss battles?


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