Super Mario 64 is being remade for Occulus Rift!

Or, if you don’t know what an Occulus Rift is… it means that someone is remaking Super Mario 64 in Virtual Reality form!  So you’ll be able to play a perfect remake of the Nintendo 64 classic, in first person, while wearing VR goggles!  Here’s a video showing what they’ve got so far:

As you can see, it’s nowhere near complete yet (Mario’s arms are really messed up, and the viewpoint needs some work), but damn, it’s definitely an impressive remake.  Remember, this isn’t a ROM hack.  What you see there was made from scratch in the Unity game engine, including all the original title’s physics engine.

You can view the source code here on Github:

And can download it from the same link.  It runs on Windows PCs, if you don’t have an actual Occulus Rift to try it on.

So yeah, it’s a pretty impressive project, isn’t it?  Let’s hope game creator Chris Zaharia actually finishes this title so Virtual Reality Mario can become a reality!



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