Super Mario 64 HD; Best Fan Remake Ever Made?

No, I’m not joking.  Here’s a video showcase for Super Mario 64 HD, a fan made remake of the classic using 2014 quality production values:

Honestly, I have no words for how impressive this game looks and feels.  I mean, the graphics are good enough that they actually look like something Nintendo would have in a Wii U title.  The music?  Well, it’s about as epic as the remixes from the Mario Galaxy series, based on what I can hear in the trailer.

And it makes me wish that Nintendo would go ahead and publish this game as an actual product. Because damn, Super Mario 64 needs another remake, and this one seems like just the ticket. Put that on the eShop, and I’ll be buying it day one.

What do you think of this awesome looking Super Mario 64 remake?  Impressive for a fan made project?


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