Super Mario 3D World; Lots of New Info/Screens!

Not happy with the trailer from today’s Nintendo Direct and want to see even more of Super Mario 3D World?  Well your wish is Nintendo’s command apparently, since they’ve released an absolute ton of interesting information and screenshots in addition to all that given away in today’s Nintendo Direct.

Let’s start with the official artwork…

CannonBox BoomerangFlower FireFlower SuperLeaf MegaMushroom Mushroom Cherries CatBell Fairies GreenFairy RedFairy LightBlueFairy OrangeFairy YellowFairy PurpleFairy BlueFairy BeachKoopa CatGoomba CatToad DoubleMario Bowser_Artwork_-_Super_Mario_3D_World

As you can see, not only is there some artwork showing the return of such items as the Mega Mushroom (boy this will get interesting, that’s never been in 3D before), but also of the new fairy like characters and Bowser’s evil looking car!  Pretty cool eh?

There are also a whole bunch of new screens, all taken from the Japanese official site for the game.  First up, some showing the ‘stamp’ system:

sendmessage StampInLevel

As you can see, you find stamps that can be used in messges posted on Miiverse about the game. Or something, it’s hard to tell given the official site is in Japanese.


There’s also the game’s Wii U eShop/disc icon, as shown above.  Not much, but cool enough.

DesertLand BeachLevel FireBro CatChase Moreunderwatergameplay TwoPeaches PiranhaPlantSlide SnowmanDestroy Moreoverworld Bullies PinkThwomps TwoMarios BowserKidnap

And here are the other screens. Some interesting new things I noticed:

  • Fire Bros return and can stand on top of Goomba stacks when attacking.
  • Snowmen can be destroyed with Tanooki Mario’s tail whip
  • Chargin’ Chucks appear on the overworld, meaning that they most likely act like map enemy encounters as well as in level monsters.
  • Bullies reappear from Super Mario 64
  • Cut scenes in the style of Mario 3D Land exist showing Bowser capturing the fairies and taking over the new kingdom.
  • And some new pink Thwomp like creatures appear in certain levels.  Not idea how they act, maybe like Thwimps.

But that’s not all.  No, some sites also covered 3D World in more detail now that they were allowed to release more info, so let’s look at their coverage too…

From Venture Beat’s article, they point out that:

You unlock levels for multiplayer by beating them in the single player mode.  Hopefully this doesn’t mean you have to beat everything to play co-op to the fullest extent.

And that the person who scores most points gets a crown, which gives them bonus points if they can keep it through the whole next level.

They also mention that the handheld Piranha Plants can be used to attack/stun the other players, making them a nice weapon/trolling devive for multiplayer.

As well as that you rescue the Fairies from each castle and can change the camera angle.

Finally, they had some new screenshots, so here they are:

Tank fleet Multiple Fire Marios Super Mario 3D World Bowser Boss

As you can see, the clone item thing is pretty damn powerful in the right situations, and that you need to take down Bowser and his car in boss battles by chucking bombs back at it.

So that’s article 1 summarised.  You can read the full thing here.

Article 2 (from Nintendo World Report) on the other hand reveals some different new information.  I’ll break this down too…

They mention that the map worlds you can run around have secrets to find, and that they’ve unfortunately got world themes like grass, desert, etc.  Well, one out of two cool things on the map isn’t bad.  And if we’re lucky, we’ll find some more interesting themed worlds in the endgame.

There’s also a neat pic there showing the poor Toad Brigade Captain (albeit with Luigi’s character icon for some reason) standing in a creepy tunnel with a giant Bowser shadow behind him!  No idea what that’s about (Bowser doesn’t actually appear in the screenshot outside of said shadow), presumably it’s some sort of trap or surprise.  Or maybe Luigi disguised as Bowser.  Oh wait, they confirm it’s just a Bowser cut out.  Oh well.

The cherry power up is also mentioned, with the site confirming that it does indeed stack, with the number of clones steadily increasing as you find more and more cherries.

Interesting jokes and bonuses are mentioned too, such as an animated sprite of Mario found after the player climbs up a wall.  Guess the designers took a few hints from New Super Luigi U then!

Boom Boom is also mentioned to turn invisible in his battle, which is a nice twist on the 3D Land Boom Boom battle formula.

Either way, this article itself is also pretty positive and filled with new details, and can be found here.

So that’s more Super Mario 3D World for everyone.  Not quite as much new stuff to reveal here as there was in the Nintendo Direct trailer, but there’s still a fair amount of surprising new info and things present that weren’t touched on last time, so I assume it’s still worth reading about.

Are you more excited for the game after this article?



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Fawful's #1 Fan
Fawful's #1 Fan
8 years ago

Mega Mushroom power has been in Mario 64 DS, just not the Mushroom itself. A regular mushroom made you mega in that game, but I think it still counts.